Saturday, 14 March 2009

Libertas press conference - with Declan Ganley (Paris).

Now I'm a bit stuck here. I like what Libertas are saying and I like their objectives. However, can they gain the support needed to give them a chance? It's the old catch twenty two - if everyone who agreed with Libertas were to vote for them, then they would do very well indeed in the Euro elections. But, because they are new on the scene, people like me will wonder if voting Libertas will be a wasted vote. I think a massive campaign is needed.

I have no doubt that Libertas will take votes away from the Conservatives in the Euros, after all they have very similar policies where the EU is concerned. The Conservatives are going to have to up their game.

Here is Declan Ganley giving a Libertas press conference in Paris. It's an excellent speech that will appeal to many right of centre voters. The Shadow Cabinet need to be worried.


Anonymous said...

I think a vote for any of the identical main parties... is the wasted vote.

Duyfken said...

Steve, I am still wanting to register a protest at the Tories' apparent shilly-shallying over the EU, this despite Cameron's renewed but belated promise to remove the Tory MEPs from the EPP.

UKIP now seems to have reverted into a basket-case, so it seems there is only Libertas (or some independent candidate under the Jury Team umbrella) where I can place my vote.