Saturday, 14 March 2009

Sachs MadAss - God I really want one of these!

The Sachs MadAss has got to be the most beautiful bike I have ever seen. It's minimalist lines give it a totally unique look. I've read a lot of reviews on this bike and they are on the whole very good. The point that most reviewers make is that people are always stopping them to talk about the bike. What do you think? Is it just me that thinks this is a stunning bike?

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Sean Lynch said...

It's certainly uniquely styled Steve, it should go as well, single cylinder 125, front and rear disc brake and a quite lovely stainless exhaust.
Not big enough for me mate I've got a Bandit 1250s, but as a fun/ commuter bike it would be fine!
60-70mph will be achievable.

Travelinsteve said...

I have the 49 cc model and love it. I chanced the gutless 49 for a more powerfull 110 and now I can eek out 50 mph but cruise is 45 or so while still getting 90 mpg Last thing you won't ever forget it's from china and think it's made in Germany.