Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nick Coke of Libertas UK replies to my email.

This is an email I sent to Libertas UK.

I like what you are saying:

"This is Libertas' promise and its demand. Join us, give us your support and Libertas will give you the referendum on the anti-democratic Lisbon Treaty that the Brussels elites have conspired to deny you. In so doing we will give you the opportunity to say yes or no to the current status quo. This will provide you with an altogether more ambitious and enterprising choice."

I'm an anti Lisbon Treaty blogger. I would love to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but can you explain how giving you my support will give me one?

P.s I know that I'm a Tory blogger, but I'm not taking the p*ss. If you can deliver a referendum, you will get both my support and my vote.

Best Regards

Steve Green

Daily Referendum Blog.
And here is their reply:
Dear Mr Green

Thank you for your email. The way we will effect change is by the fact that we will be the only genuinely pan-European party in the EP. This will mean that, given adequate support in June, we will become the biggest Party in the European Parliament and therefore have sufficient clout to force reform. Top of that list of reform will be to throw out the Lisbon Treaty and put in its place a shorter, more readable version which will be put to a referendum.


Nick Coke
Obviously the stumbling block here is the "given adequate support" bit.


subrosa said...

Now that's interesting, but will he have enough candidates and he's rather late in the day to attract enough voters. Many voters like to be brainwashed regularly - I do :)

William Gruff said...

The stumbling block is that people who ought to know better will vote Conservative.

English European said...

Just to add something on whether Libertas can end up as the largest individual party in the European Parliament.

The biggest national party in the European Parliament elected in 2004, according to this, is the German Christian Democrat Union who have 40 MEPs. After the election the biggest party will probably also have around 40 - although it may be another party (maybe the German SPD)

After a good campaign, how many seats could Libertas realistically capture? Personally, I think the numbers would look something like this:

France: 10/72
UK: 10/72
Poland: 10/50
Netherlands: 5/25
Czech Rep: 5/22
Sweden: 3/18
Denmark: 3/13
Other 20 states: 10/464

Total: 51/736

Does that sound achievable? Looking back, it probably does. How many would the conservatives end up with? Maybe 35 in Britain plus about ten loose allies in other countries. Immediately you can see why Libertas, by standing in all 27 countries, is better placed.

Of course it all depends on a successful campaign, both in the UK and across Europe. Although it's starting late in the day, I still think it's acheivable if it grows fast from now.

Anonymous said...

subrosa, what are you doing here? thought you were a Scots Nat or something?

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is interesting, and proves that something might be happening. I'm a Labour member, but this time around I'm thinking a vote for Libertas would reflect my true opinions. I believe Brown is WRONG and I'm totally out of step with Labour's policy on the EU! It is certainly curious that suddenly Tories (like the OP) and myself are reaching agreement on something. This is why I suspect, Libertas might be about to pull off the coup of the century. It's exciting times politically. Even one of my arch enemies (subrosa) is here, as an onlooker or because he has an interest in Libertas? Hmmm, curious days indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well, had to see this to believe it, thanks Ton for the heads-up...

Subrosa aka AMW aka Spook in Leith (the arch SNP supporter) might somehow be showing an interest in Libertas?

No it simply cannot be? Can it?

So subrosa, simple question for you, will you be voting for Libertas or the SNP?

I'm intrigued to know...

I will not be voting Labour, if Libertas is on the ticket.

As for the SNP, I don't think their policy on the EU is all that interesting, they kind of just want to 'obey without question'.

I best go have a drink.

Anonymous said...

SNP hypo, it's yourself??? Just saw your message on the Hootsman.

Seriously man even you a diehard Labourite are going to vote Libertas? I'm taking a serious look at them also.

I agree the SNP have no policy. It's guff 'Independence in Europe', what's that about anyway and why never a word on the Treaty of Lisbon? Declan Ganley is talking my language.