Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Harriet Harman - Please stop this pay gap crap.

Nothing makes my blood boil more than the made up pay gap crap coming out of Harriet Harman.

For the year 2007 to 2008, the gap between women's median hourly pay and men’s was 12.8 per cent. Not bad when you consider breaks for pregnancy and the fact that many more women (than men) work in the low paid retail sector. Men in general, do not take career breaks and therefore tend to occupy more senior positions than women. If Harriet Harman was to publish figures that showed a wide gap between men and women who occupy the same positions, then I would take her more seriously.

From the National Statistics:
Although median hourly pay provides a useful comparison between the earnings of men and women, it does not necessarily indicate differences in rates of pay for comparable jobs. Pay medians are affected by the different work patterns of men and women, such as the proportions in different occupations and their length of time in jobs.
Enough said?


Chalcedon said...

'Nuff said? No, of course not. You live in the real world. Harprson lives in a fantasy world of left wing ideology and is a lawyer. So of course she wants to legislate. She is so extreme she will make it legal to discriminate agaist men and for employers to choose a woman and indeed a black woman over a similarly qualified and experienced man without risk of them being sued.

So much for the 'Equalities' Bill.

Chris said...

The whole "Minister For Women" thing is highly sexist.

I've studied gender roles in the UK and it's always been far more blurred than "Man Rules Woman Is Ruled".

If things are to be changed radically, we need cool heads and equality - a Minister For Men, too. Harriet seems to imply that men are swines and she strikes me as a mysogonist (can we use that word to describe men-hating women?).

She's out of date, out of touch, and generally not to be commended for her behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I loath Harriet Harman. She is everything that New Labour stood for. An attempt at mind controlling all our thoughts, whilst keeping us funding their communist ideals, until the benefits class takes over the world!!

Lord Lindley

Chris said...

Actually, Ms Harman is apparently a misandrist, not a misogonist.

I reckon Jacqui Smith is one too - especially after her speech in which she stated that violence against women and girls is unacceptable under any circumstances (but, obviously, not against men and boys). I come from a tough neighbourhood where a large number of woman were quite likely to initiate violence!

Why do female MPs get away with all this sexist crap? Are men so riddled with mother complexes and guilt over being the "unfairer sex"?

Anonymous said...

Can any reporter or reader clear up the current legal position with the £40,000 Harriet Harman is alleged to have used with her husband to fund her election Labour Campain?
Has this money been paid back by Harriet Harman? if so, when and to whom? wher can we see the evidence for this?
If Harriet Harman has not paid back this £40,000, is there any case for the Police to make a full investigation on this matter.
If the lay-person were to misappriprate this large sum, the Law would demand jsutice?
Is Harriet Harman then above the current Law?
Can someone anwer this out there?