Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Recession to save us from this Socialist Tyranny?

There could be some good news coming out of this recession that Gordon Brown has got us into. The obvious bit of good news is the high likelihood of getting rid of our incompetent Labour government. But there are other important benefits. A new government will mean a wiping of the slate when it comes to spending and borrowing. Just like the last time the Conservatives took over from Labour, there is going to be a period of sensible spending and borrowing to get the country back off it's knees. Unfortunately this only lasts until Labour get back in power and ruin years of good work.

One other benefit of the recession is the stalling of Labour's attack on our civil liberties. They simply cannot afford to go ahead with their dreams of total public control. Already we have had a backtrack on the massive government run database that would monitor and log all of our private electronic communications. However, our idiotic government are still going to fork out a least £2bn (£10bn in Labour pounds) of our money to let private companies spy on us for them. Now there is rumour that government ministers are letting it be known that the ID Card scheme could be next for the chop. We will still have to hand over a hell of a lot of our money to the companies tasked with setting up the ID Card system, but we could save £5bn in the long run.

The very definite chance of losing the General Election could also be good for the freedoms our ancestors fought so hard for. Labour in their desperation to hang on to power, or as many seats as possible, will have to sort out all the abuses of power that have made them so unpopular. One such abuse is the distortion of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) by councils. Jacqui Smith has called for a review into this misuse of power (a misuse which has been going on for years by the way). It's funny how the thought of losing a General Election can get a Minister to finally listen.

Yes, this recession may see many of us worse off financially, but it could be of untold benefit to our civil liberties.

Remember it was another socialist, Lenin, that said:

"It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed."

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