Thursday, 16 April 2009

Jacqui Smith loses more face over Damian Green fiasco.

Just how dodgy and incompetent can Jacqui Smith get? Her expense claims are highly questionable. It's only because her claims sit just within a very flimsy set of rules that she is not being charged with misappropriation of taxpayers money. Well that covers the moral side of Jacqui, but what about her professional side? Enter Damian Green, the man who exposed the Home Secretary's incompetence.

Damian Green received leaked information, and as shadow immigration minister he had a duty to bring that information to public's attention. The rank incompetence of the Home Secretary is most definitely of public interest, and that is exactly how the CPS saw the case. There was no breach of national security - Jacqui Smith got mad because she was made to look stupid and incompetent - so Damian Green got arrested for doing his job. Jacqui Smith claims not to have ordered the arrest, but how much pressure did she put on civil servants to stop her continued embarrassment?

Speaking outside Parliament, Damian said:

"I'm obviously very pleased with the director of public prosecutions' decision this morning. "This has been an extraordinary period. One of my jobs as Conservative immigration spokesman is to expose the many failings of the government's immigration policy.

"That's precisely what I was doing in this case and that's why ministers were so embarrassed. "That has led to the first arrest of an opposition politician for doing his job since Britain became a democracy.

"I cannot think of a better symbol of an out-of-touch, authoritarian, failing government that has been in power much too long."

How much more embarrassment can Gordon Brown take from Jacqui Smith? Surely he has to sack her now?


Chalcedon said...

If I was McBroon, which thank the Lord I'm not, I would sack her. Actually more likely lean on her to resign. She really must go. She is such a further embarrassment to Noo Labour. Especially after the McBride/Draper escapade. If she had been a man she would have gone aftewr the housing fiddle was exposed.

Anonymous said...

Copy and paste if Susan Boyle brought you here.

Anonymous said...

If she had been a man... she'd have been watching the porn channel with big Dick.

Anonymous said...

No he won't sack her. He has just brought out his dodgy apology to deflect our attention from the incompetent, dishonest excuse for a Home Secretary.

Lord Allesley said...

LA would disagree that there is a necessity to separate out her moral and her professional judgment.
The Home Secretary obviously lent very hard on senior Civil Servants to get them to launch a police investigation. That is as much a moral judgment as anything else. She must have,as the CPS and the select committee have found, known there was no threat to national security.Yet she thinks she can suppress opposition through dawn raids and arrests. Her morals surrounding democracy are lain bare. It is incredible, regrettable and dangerous that any person with that view can be in charge of the Home Office.


Jeeves and Jones said...

Jacqui has already had an aura of double standards. I'm sure the public has finally understood that she has personal issues that impact her ability to see clearly in her personal life. It's especially evident in her portrayal of a helpless woman working in this tough man's world. How ever does she not get sacked!!!

Glyn H said...

By claiming for financial gain that her sisters spare room was her principle residence she committed the criminal act of deception. If she had been rumbled before getting the money it would have been attempted deception.

Gordon Browns’ failure to sack her shows his much vaulted morality is as fraudulent as those who follow these things know and even when she is damaging his government he is too weakened to sack her.

How much longer can this fiasco of an administration survive?