Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Susan Boyle - Britain's got talent.

Tonight I will be mostly drinking whisky (Teacher's) and listening to this song over and over again. What a beautiful voice Susan Boyle has. Enjoy (and play it very loud):

Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing - Watch more Funny Videos

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving.

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used
And wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted.

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
As they turn your dream to shame.

And still
I dream he'll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms
We cannot weather...

I had a dream my life would be
So different form this hell I'm living
so different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed.


Harry Hook said...

The voice of Fantine... with the looks of Thénardier... She'll go far... hopefully all the way back to Scotland.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It made me cry. I couldn't get it to embed in my blog, so well done.

The voice knocked me for six.

subrosa said...

WW, click on the link under it on my blog. You'll find the embed there and it works.

Daily Referendum said...

Now now Harry. WW, I'm still drinking and listening. She has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. If this was released tomorrow, it would go to number one for many many weeks.

Harry Hook said...

"It made me cry."

Me also... but she really isn't that good... another Paul Potts... but sadly not blessed with his charisma and sex appeal.

Harry Hook said...

"He slept a summer by my side... until his guide dog recovered from Parvovirus."

Seriously... you don't need Ruthie Henshall (who she is attempting to mimic) to blow Susan away... many lesser stars would make this version look pedestrian. Like our politicians, Susan Boyle has/had potential, but relies on public indifference, sentimentality and ignorance to pull the wool over our eyes as to their real lack of purpose, experience and talent.

In that popular show Britain's Got Shafted... the only underdog is the working taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Harry - you are a miserable git.

Harry Hook said...

And you've obviously got no taste... will probably be voting Tory... and all of a sudden, being a miserable git doesn't seem that bad LOL... cue demented cackling laugh.

andy said...

I like how she perform her singing talent. She looks humble and funny but full of self confidence. I've watched the video many times ...

nick b. said...

Here's why we love Susan.

Thomas Hosley said...

Did you see her video on youtube? It has got a record 10 million hits! Wow, Susan is a star for now ;-)

Harry Hook said...

There you go again sheeple... worshipping mediocrity... If you don't raise your sights you'll end up with another Jacqui Smith as Home Secretary.

How can that woman sit in the same seat once occupied by Robert Peel... the Duke of Wellington... W.S.Churchill? How? I'll tell you how... because Britain thinks that Susan Boyle's got talent.

Harry Hook said...

Copy and paste if Susan Boyle brought you here

Cato said...

If you don't raise your sights you'll end up with another Jacqui Smith as Home Secretary.

And doubtless you'll be sitting next to her getting the clap you so richly deserve.
You really are a churlish oaf.

Harry Hook said...

Dear Cato,
I had the privilege to be involved with the London 80's production of Les Mis... so I think I have earned some right to comment and... AND call you an inverted snob and ignorant chappie to boot.

I reject mediocrity this represents... we deserve the best... nothing more nothing less. Love,

Anonymous said...

i'm not trying to put you down or something , but the way you react to all this is just a lot of crapp. why can't you just be happy for this lovely woman? just let her enjoy her moment of fame? no matter if you were a part of les miserable's in london or not. just let this woman enjoy her moment and don't come down on a easy target. it takes you down as a human being. i'm from holland and i wish we had such nice contenders in our bullshit talent shows. and every one around the world enjoys this womans singing and story , just let them please !

jenab6 said...

That’s a very pretty video. I’ve watched it carefully several times, and I think there’s a bit more stage-management to it than you’ve realized.

First, the camera-panning catches of significant facial expressions is simply too good, too apropos, to be serendipity. The judges remarks are too well thought-out to be spontaneous; most of them indicate that a bit of time has passed for reflection and word-smithing. The cameraman on the flying boom was ready to make his zoom-in pass when Boyle hit her high note–again, indicating that a degree of advance preparation had occurred. Likewise, the fellows off the stage left had been prepped with several smart remarks and had a camera backstage ready to speak them to.

Oh, there’s more. But that’s enough, I think, to convince most people that Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden were falsely pretending to be surprised after Boyle finished singing, and that Simon Cowell was telling the plain truth when he said that he knew Boyle’s singing would be extraordinary when she walked out on stage. Cowell probably intended that his correct statement would be DISBELIEVED, but it was, I think, true nonetheless.

What I think happened is this. Susan Boyle made an earlier appearance at some sort of talent contest and was scouted by someone from Britain’s Got Talent. She was given an audition off-camera and then invited to sing on the TV show. The audience was salted with people who had been to acting school and knew how to make facial expressions of the sort people have when making snide or catty remarks, or alternatively when to look “surprised” or “ecstatic.” I think that the real stage in the video is the ENTIRE AUDITORIUM. Susan Boyle might have been the diamond in the ring, but she wasn’t the whole piece of JEWelry there.

Still, all-in-all, the production was a worthwhile piece of art, and it achieves its lesser purpose of making viewers feel good. It also carries out a deeper purpose of providing a moral object lesson in the vein of “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover.” And, if I might presume, there is yet a third and yet deeper purpose that has to do with a very hidden tiger flexing its propaganda claws, just to stay in form.

The video itself was harmless. But consider what this level of illusion-making talent could do if it chose to be mischievous or, dare I say it, even criminal. It could, for example, predetermine the outcome of political elections by making one candidate look heroic or visionary, while, subtly and unjustly, leaving a faintly tainted odor on the other candidate. Beware! Learn ALL the lessons that this video has to teach, not the pretty ones only.j

Cato said...

Harry Hook said...

Dear Cato,
I had the privilege to be involved with the London 80's production of Les Mis...

Oh right! Tell me what was it like selling programmes?

Harry Hook said...

It's not that simple Anony. There are many facets to my position. I will mention just two... to save Steve from a headache.

Our culture is being 'dumbed' down on every level... as my blog clearly shows. If the paying public's perception of Susan's ability is being skewed by the hidden persuaders to be greater than Ruthie Henshall or even Lea Salonga then something is clearly wrong. If I was to post a comment referring to her inability to hold a note on key, lack of diction, heart and timing then it would just become another 'opinion' lost in the populist clamour for fame. So please allow me the piss take... at least it gets a reaction.

Now that we live in world where 'proper' qualifications are frowned up, I call upon you to wholeheartedly resist the temptation to accept third best... Spivs instead of Statesmen... PCSO's instead of PCs... paramedics instead of doctors etc. etc.

Second point... anyone who supports Susan's moment of global fame is in my opinion, a vicarious abuser and a hypocrite who will more than likely look the other way once the novelty has worn off. Remember,even someone like Judy Garland, can die as a result of the stresses caused by doubt and fame. What chance has this lass got if and when the public lose interest. I would never condone placing any individual in a position of extreme vulnerability, especially through rabid exploitation of the fact that 'They Have A Dream'.

Harry Hook said...


Indeed, it was great selling souvenirs in front house... especially knocking them out to mug punters like yourself for ten quid a go



Your Web Chick :) said...

I can't wait to hear her sing something else.. and great insight by Harry above..
The voice of Fantine... with the looks of Thénardier... Well done to make Simon smile a genuine smile!

Chrissy said...

I listen over and over again and it makes me cry each time! I'll buy her CD!

Anonymous said...

Poor must have a sad existence. We Americans think she deserves every bit of praise she receives. You Brits are your typical cynical, sad, pathetic, egocentric selves. Bring her to America where she will receive her due!

Anonymous said...


We Americans think she deserves every bit of praise she receives. You Brits are your typical cynical, sad, pathetic, egocentric selves. Bring her to America where she will receive her due!

"We Americans"? Ha! ha! Talk for everyone do you? No!

"You Brits"? I just came back from Jamestown, Virginia. You know, that place where THE ENGLISH started "america" in 1607. I bet you hate that fact.
It aint Brits mate. That's the problem with the internet they let anyone on it.

Leon said...

@Harry. Totally agree with you. It's a crazy tight research and regie on Brittain got talents behalf in order to sell it to the mainstream.

We take a rocket, launch it and dont care about enough fuel. Would gravity do its job?

But in all, she has a beautiful voiche and think that another talent was wasted for so many years.

Anonymous said...

You must be one miserable wretch harry with absolutely no clue about music whatsoever.You say you have been involved with les mis.God help the cast.Sir cameron mcintosh called it one of the greatest powering renditions ever.The cast of les mis called it oustanding.10 of the best vocal coaches in the usa called her voice outstanding.Evidently you were in the wrong proffession.Oh and by the way this is from the producer of les mis april 14th 2009.In a press statement, producer Cameron Mackintosh has echoed the comments of judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, saying, "Just like the judges and audience I was gob-smacked by the emotional powerhouse performance of Susan Boyle's show stopping rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream.' Vocally it is one of the best versions of the song I've ever heard.Her version of wild horses has been voted the best of all time by 3 forum debates and mick jagger called it ghostly and better than anything he had ever done.Let me end by saying do i believe these or a man who would not know a singer from a cheesburger.My wife has played with,harry belafonte,art garfunkel and many others and she also says you talk utter nonsense.I rest my case