Wednesday, 29 April 2009

PMQs - Gordon Brown to resign edition?

Looking forward to PMQs today. Will David Cameron really stick the boot in and mention the petition asking Gordon Brown to resign? It's been a bad week for Gordon and I think mentioning the petition could have him biting chunks out of the Dispatch Box.

Also the Conservative Blogosphere get-together (general piss-up) could be firming up to Sat 30th of May, meeting up at lunch time in St Stephen's Tavern in Westminster. What do you think? Leave a comment HERE or email me.


AnotherTory said...

Perhaps David could also ask if yesterday's 'breakdown' was deliberate as suggested by DoverWatch

James Higham said...

I like the way that the petition crashed the server.

J J said...

Gordon Brown has no interest in petitions.
He has no interest in anything, except what He says.
He will only be interested in voters when/whenever there is an election.
And he's sending every household information on swine flu.
Another rain forest gone!
But who cares, if Gordon declares it shall be, then it shall be!