Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Conservative bloggers get-together (piss-up).

I've blogging for a couple of years now and I haven't met any of my fellow Tory bloggers. With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a get-together. This is not some kind of Tory blogger strategy meeting (we don't do them as we are independent of the party) it's just a chance to meet, have a few drinks and possibly see a few of the sights in Westminster. I'm not proposing any hard and fast ideas, just an outline.

Maybe we could meet on a Saturday or Sunday in Westminster (St Stephen's Tavern opposite Big Ben perhaps) at lunchtime. You could have your own plans (say looking around the cathedral or other attraction) that others may wish to tag along with you for an hour or so. The pub could just be a base of operations with us coming and going as we please. Some may wish to just sit in the pub and have a bit of a drink and a laugh.

Of course I'm not talking just about bloggers, but those who follow and comment on Tory blogs. I suppose you don't even have to be a Tory, we're all one big blogging family.. right? It would be nice if we could organise this within the next month or so i.e before the Euro elections so we have something to talk about. What do you think? All suggestions are welcome. Please leave a comment or email me. If there is enough interest I will try to organise a get-together that the majority of us can attend.




English Guy said...

Sounds like a day-return by train, taxi either end, knowing the prodigious amount that most Tories can consume. Not sure if "Tory Piss-Up" would get passed the trouble 'n strife. Could we call this a Bloggers SEO Convention? Has to include a TLA for authenticity, of course.
English Guy

Daily Referendum said...

English Guy,

Exactly. It will be the train and taxi for me(coming from Portsmouth). We could call it a Conservative GPU (general piss-up).

Graeme Archer said...

Can I come? It sounds like a great idea.

My only suggestion is that Westminster is actually a pain to get to, whether you are in- or ex-Londoner. Why not Southwark (where I think your train arrives)?

Benjamin Gray said...
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Benjamin Gray said...

Great idea. I'm up for it. I've never had a problem getting to Westminster though; the Jubilee and Circle lines should cover all those coming in by train.

tim for change said...

Hi there, That is a really really spooky co-incidence, I was just making a list of Tory bloggers for the same purpose. Maybe we were inspired by the Labour twibe and the /Tories twibe that Benjamin Gray has just started.

A thought, would a breakfast meeting in a weekday be better? The Tuttles at the ICA seem to work well.

Points for the agenda:
1) Co-ordinated use of Hashtags/ Trending
2) Twibe
3) Blogroll Reciprocal Links
4) Concerted/Collaborative efforts
5) Links with CCO

Would be best to gather emails and discuss off line.


Daily Referendum said...

Graeme, of course you can. As for where to meet up, let's see what others have to say.


Daily Referendum said...

Glad to hear it Benjamin.

King Athelstan said...

Like the idea, will try and get there.

Daily Referendum said...


Nice one.

Gallimaufry said...
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Daily Referendum said...


Yeah it isn't cheap.

Anonymous said...

Typical Navy... any excuse for a piss up.

Daily Referendum said...


Guilty as charged.

Do you think you could make it?

Anonymous said...

Steve... if I'm free I would be delighted... as long as you haven't booked Susan Boyle for the cabaret!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great idea but it all depends on when!!

Daniel1979 said...

I might like to come a long and meet a few other bloggers. But it will depend on where & when.

I should be able to make Westminster via the trains if that is where it will be.

Whether I make it or not, it is definately a good idea!

CherryPie said...

What a great idea :-)

J said...

Not a Tory (other than in the sense of wanting rid of this appalling government) but it sounds like fun :)

Westminster is fine for those arriving by train to a London terminus:

Paddington: Bakerloo to Baker Street then Jubilee; or Circle

Marylebone: Bakerloo or walk to Baker Street then Jubilee

Euston: Northern to Embankment then walk

King's Cross/St. Pancras: Victoria to Green Park then Jubilee

Moorgate: Circle

Liverpool Street: Circle

Fenchurch Street: Circle/District (from Tower Hill)

London Bridge: Jubilee or Southeastern to Charing Cross (see below)

Cannon Street: District or Circle

Charing Cross: walk

Waterloo (East): Jubilee or walk

Only Blackfriars is slightly tricky as the tube station there is closed.

Anonymous said...

Told the missus last night that a very respectable ex-Navy chap is organising a bloggers focus group type conference thingy to discuss tactics for the coming general election. She reminded me over breakfast that it mustn't involve any East European women and I had better arrive back on our doorstep without assistance. Needless to say, she is one of those very clever (and beautiful) women who are able to convince men that they actually run things.

Keep the Westminster location if you can Steve... as I believe the symbolism is more important than any practical issues


Daily Referendum said...

How about Sat 30th or Sun 31st of May? It would give everyone four weeks notice to get permission from their partners, and it's just before the Euro Elections. I'd prefer Saturday as it means I can stay in bed on Sunday if I have a baggy head. What do You think?

Anonymous said...

I'm not officially free that weekend... but I will try and work round it... besides I've already bought my Indonesian replica 24th Regiment pith helmet to aid recognition and provide an emergency ice bucket for alfresco gargling... not to mention container for the fish and chips.

Henry North London said...

I might make a rare appearance, Depends You will have to remind me as I shall be trying to escape South Yorkshire that weekend

Simon Emmett said...

Sounds like a great idea to me. Will definetly try to be there for that.

James Higham said...

I might just be lured out of obscurity for this.

Daniel1979 said...

30th May will be FA Cup final day...

Daily Referendum said...


Will that be a problem? We could watch it in the pub. I wasn't intending any deep political discussion, just a laugh and a drink.

Daniel1979 said...

Don't change on my account, I had mentioned to some that I might be doing a live blog session over on http://football-banter.blogspot.com/ - I am trialling tonight for Man Utd vs Arsenal.

However, if it turns out that live blogging football games is a non-starter I will be free to make it up there.

Man in a Shed said...

Its a good idea - tempted to come out of my Shed for this one, assuming things go well over the next week.

Cato said...

I would like to attend if possible and if invited, providing Harry Hook doesn't mistake me for Ms Boyle.

Anyone coming from Lincolnshire...apart from me that is.

The Boiling Frog said...

Saturday 30th sounds good, think I'll be up for that