Sunday, 3 May 2009

Alan Johnson is my choice for Labour Leader.

There's a chance that Gordon Brown may step down or be forced from office pretty soon, or at least before the election. It is now very clear that Gordon Brown was the wrong man for the job when Tony stepped down. He forced his way into the position and he was aided by useful idiots who believed he was an economic genius. Of course it turns out that he was in the right place at the right time for ten years, and any old chump could have made a decent fist of the job (better in fact).

So in all reality Brown must go and someone must replace him, but who? And will that person have to call an immediate General Election? Many say that the public will not wear another un-elected PM, but it will be less than a year before the election, so is it such a big deal? Of course I'd like to see Brown pushed out and replaced by Harriet Harman, who would then call an immediate Election (Harman being the person likely to produce the largest Tory majority).

However, if there is not to be an immediate Election then I would like to see a safe pair of hands take over the reins. Someone who will not pursue a scorched earth policy. Someone I could just about trust. Someone who will put country before party. Someone like Alan Johnson.

I'm not saying he would be perfect, but at least he has some charisma and can talk to people without looking like he's being worked from remote. He is the only Labour Minister that passes the "having a pint with test". I would have to think long and hard about throwing my pint on any of the others if they were on fire. That's why we Tories are a little worried about Mr Johnson. I'm not saying he could lead Labour to an Election victory, but he would probably save the most seats.

So I say that if the Labour party are to have another un-elected leader (without an immediate election), make it Alan Johnson. It will be bad for us Tories, but it will probably be the best option for the country.

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Anonymous said...

You're right Steve... he's the only one I can imagine sharing my cheese and onion crisps with... let's hope that Labour elect him AFTER the next general election.