Sunday, 24 May 2009

David Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show - Expenses.

Gordon Brown, watch David Cameron and learn. Labour supporters, look what you are missing. Click on the picture to watch this interview. 31mins 10secs in.

Superb. Though I believe David still has some way to go to sort out the party, I feel he still stands head and shoulders above Brown when it comes to leadership.

At a time when you would expect Andrew Marr to tear the leader of the opposition "a new one", Cameron comes out of this interview looking statesmanlike.


K Lewis said...

How dare Mr Cameron say that we have to pay because he wants to keep his family together in both houses. I live in the Rhondda which is a terribly poor area. Many people I know commute to Birmingham, London, Torquay, Weymouth, anywhere that they can get work and then their hard earned wages which are barely keeping their heads above water are taken to keep him and others in a style that we can only dream of. How unjust.

Daily Referendum said...


To be fair, Cameron was talking about not having dormitory style accommodation for MPs. And he does not work standard hours which allow him to commute.

russ said...

I'm watching the interview with G.Brown.

Here was a chance for AM to get him to answer the important questions but he just let GB get away with a party political broadcast. GB never answered any question and AM never forced him back onto the question.

Useless waste of an opportunity - get rid of AM

Sara Anne Hamilton said...

Every time I hear G. B. mention democracy I wonder how a bunch of plutocrats could run a democracy