Friday, 1 May 2009

Gordon Brown thinks Swine Flu is something to smile about.

I'm all for being optimistic in the face of adversity, but for Christ's sake, you don't fake smile your way through an interview on Swine Flu. This outbreak has the potential to do some real damage and what do we get? The laughing Prime frigging Minister.

Here's a top tip for the Labour Party and No10: Keep Gordon away from the camera! Or at least tell him to stop smiling - it's creepy.

Apparently he was even worse on Sky.


Anonymous said...

Bliar, the previous anti-English traitorous megalomaniac Prime Minister was much better at the fake smile than the current one.

The Boiling Frog said...

It's almost like the chap behind the camera who lifts the; 'smile now' card, is actually a 14 year old on work experience, who's just making it up as he goes along.

subrosa said...

It's not just creepy Steve it's freaky too. What is the man doing? Doesn't he watch himself on video? Surely he realises a pandemic isn't a smiling matter.

Or is it as some say, he's revelling in the fact that a pandemic would boost his credibility?

I've news for him, nothing will do that.

Sue said...

I reckon he's been told to smile to make himself more amenable to the electorate. Trouble is, smiling and gasping for breath intermittently is making him look like a lunatic.

He's in his favourite role of playing the hero too. The UK is best placed to weather the flu!

I wish he would just give up and go!

Anonymous said...

I wish he would get the bloody flu quite frankly.Had enough of this creep. Can't really take much more of him..another year OMG.
Personally I think he is heading for a breakdown I mean a mental one. Get those men in white coats to No.10 right now PLEASE. For the sake of this country he has to go and go now!!!!!