Friday, 1 May 2009

Has Gordon Brown become a Dictator in his own mind?

Has Gordon Brown become a Dictator in his own mind? The definition of a Dictator is something like this:
In modern usage, the term "dictator" is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly.
I have to ask, because there can be no way that the rest of the Cabinet could be inept enough to countenance some of his ridiculous actions over the last twelve months. Obviously Brown does not strictly fit the definition of a Dictator in the real world, but what about in his own mind? Does he believe that he can't be wrong, that only he knows what is good for the country, that he must do whatever it takes to do things the right way (his way).

We've had glimpses of his incredible belief in own judgement before, the 10p tax is a great example. The 10p tax was a mess, the press told Brown so, the people told him so, and his own party told him so, but still he continued to deny he could be wrong for quite some time. I can't believe that many of Gordon Brown's recent ideas would have seen the light of day if the Cabinet had any real say. I'm sure that Cabinet as a whole cannot be stupid enough to believe that their Gurkha policy was either good or decent. I'm also pretty sure that if they had been privy to Brown's horrific YouTube video on expenses, it most certainly would not have been aired.

I think Brown has become a one man band, unable to take advice from the mere mortals that surround him. Just like Hitler in his final year, Brown is in his bunker, out of touch with reality, the country has turned against him, his party is turning against him, but he continues to believe that he can win through because he is a great man. Meanwhile Cabinet members are hanging on for grim death. They know that they are doomed, and that they must get rid of their broken leader, but who amongst them (if any) will have the courage to strike the first blow?

UPDATE: Richard Littlejohn and I had the same dream last night.


Mark Hendy said...


...there can be no way that his Cabinet could be stupid enough to agree with some of his ridiculous actions...


Daily Referendum said...


I can't believe that they all could be so out of touch. I know that they are crap - but are they that crap?

Chris said...

It's a strange situation regarding Gordy. We didn't elect him, and apparently around 75% of the legislation his government passes does not apply to his own constituents as they are "devolved" areas. A fact Gordy is anxious to hide and Davy Cameron or Mr Cleggy will not highlight.

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is the cult of the leader and the deference which is inherent in socialism.

Its quite clear that socialism destroys wealth and peoples lives. The evidence is overwheleming, but oredinary nice people prefer to believe in the magic fairies of New Labour's narrative - where reality is what they say it is.

They are self deluded and servile - hence they get Gordon Brown.

Brown's problem is that neither of the other two parties are going to be bullied into doing what he wants and he's just not used to a high garde of debate and opposition - having only fought his way up the Labour party.

Brown is the symptom - Labour is the problem.

B Griffiths said...
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B Griffiths said...

Term Report 2009 Gordon Brown
Tutors comments

Biology - Needs improvement. Must learn to differentiate his arse from his elbow = C

Chemistry - Are you kidding? Like we’d let this loony loose with chemicals = U

Drama Studies - Absolutely adorable, darling. His portrayal as The Jerk was a stunning triumph
– just couldn’t miss. It’s to die for, luvie = A

English - Unsatisfactory. But exhibits a breathtaking flair for fiction = B–

Geography - Won’t go back to Crewe and Nantwich in a hurry. East Glasgow remains a mystery. Enjoys travelling abroad, but finds the natives unwelcoming = C-

History - Gordon shows no sign of having an interest in what has gone before. Woeful on the Ghurkhas. Believes all historical disasters began in America = D

Mathematics - Gordon’s weakest subject, he is singularly unsuccessful. Has difficulty in distinguishing millions from billions = U
Media Studies - Gordon’s attempts at comedy attempt on YouTube proved successful. Shows promise for his grinning monkey performance = B+

Physical Education - Gordon has disappointed. Shows no interest in teamwork = C-

Religious Education - Very disturbing. The son of the Manse appears to have taken on himself the role of the Almighty = D-
Social Skills - Gordon had made many new friends at the beginning of this term. Sadly he has lost the blooming lot = F

General Attitude - Gordon and his gang, Damien McBride, Derek Draper and Ed Balls has become a disruptive influence upon the class, he is mocked by former friends and ignored by others. He has a temper (threw his Nokia phone and the class laser printer on the floor), does not take criticism and refuses to listen. Has a tendency to steal pocket money off others then immediately spend it. He’s been a very naughty boy. Thankfully he will be leaving school at the end of this term.

Anonymous said...

The man is a Marxist. Always has been and always will be.

Anonymous said...

He is a dictator in reality.

Kat said...

You have a wonderful argument. Gordon does seem to show dictator caracteristics.

To B. Griffiths, I hope he will be leaving next term.