Friday, 22 May 2009

A message for David Cameron: Think of us.

I'm tired. I should be settling down after a long day's work. But instead I find myself having to write yet another blog post about MP's expenses.

I'm sad. I should be happy that David Cameron, the leader of my party is taking the lead on expenses. But that happiness is tainted by the fact that though David is doing the most, he is not doing enough.

I'm Angry. I should be able to trust my MP, a man knighted by the Queen. But instead I find that he has been blowing my money on leisure facilities for his ducks.

I'm frustrated. I should have the satisfaction of seeing the man who squandered my money sacked immediately. But instead he is being allowed to step down.

I'm devastated. I should have the confidence to motivate fellow party members who are feeling disillusioned. But instead all I can do is hope that their and my trust can be restored.

I'm pleading. David Cameron, please take tough and immediate action now. Do that, and the people will respect you.


UKIP Gaze said...

Cameron's sincerity for "change" surely is only measureable by the lengths he goes to and the determination he shows?

Hannan and Carswell seem to have the right idea with "The Plan" but of course Cameron will not go anywhere near being as radical as this.

Anonymous said...

Heres a game of join the hypocrisy dots.

According to the Mail, Mahmood used the hotel after separating from partner Nasim Akhtar, with whom he lived in Wembley, though this address was not given on his 2004 claims form. He checked into the hotel with then girlfriend Elaina Cohen under the fake names Mr Khaled and Eleine Mahmood


look what i found from 28th April.

This was the ex-girlfriend Mahmood was checking into a hotel with on expenses and then did a number on her political career. Oh this one is going to run and run.

Mahmood was sleeping with a jewish girl, hiding her from his muslim constituents then apparently set about wrecking her career to get rid of her by telling everyone she was too white and jewish.

I wonder what the constituents will make of their blantantly hypocritical mp.