Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My PMQs Question for Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown received a terrible kicking from David Cameron during PMQs today. Cameron hammered him over calling a General Election and Brown ended up admitting that Labour would lose one if called. It was another pathetic stream of stuttering repeats from Brown, this weeks repeated line was "Tory cuts". With that in mind, my question for the Prime Minister would be this:

If you are not going to cut spending, or raise taxes, just how are you going to get us out of this terrible economic mess that you've got us into? How are you going to pay off the massive debt you've run up?

I'd like to hear him stutter his way through that one.

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sunonmars said...

actually i would have asked him, if calling and election would be chaos, what do you call that thing on June 4th then, valentine cards of popularity., nope that would be an election.