Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hazel Blears - I won't quit.

I've just seen Hazel Blears caught on the hop by the press. She said she had no intention of quitting and that she had the full confidence of Gordon Brown. This is while one of her constituents was shouting that she was a cheat and a swindler.

Hazel may be kidding herself, but she's not kidding anyone else. When the PM says your behaviour is "totally unacceptable" then your days are numbered. I've no doubt that Hazel is paying the price for criticising Brown last week. Other Ministers have been just as dishonest, but it seems that Brown is throwing Hazel to the wolves.


Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears should find a job more suited to her talents.

Like standing on top of Wedding cakes perhaps.

Sue said...

Talk about thick skinned, shows just how lucrative that Gravy Train has been.

They really are hanging on for dear life, the whole bally lot of them!

empire101 said...

bell to stand against blears if she dont stand down, that should get rid of her

peter said...

Blears has not "repaid" anything. She has apparently sent a cheque to the Inland Revenue for 13000 for Capital Gains Tax. This tax would relate to a profit of 45000 so actually 32000 has gone into her pocket and stays there. All this on an investment totally financed by the tax payer. She put NOTHING into it.