Friday, 29 May 2009

Populus poll is bad news for Gordon Brown.

This General Election Populus poll is really bad news for Brown. And it is just possibly worse for Nick Clegg - down 7 points - wow.

From the Times: The overall general election standings put the Conservatives on 41 per cent, up two per cent since the last Populus poll earlier this month, Labour on 21 per cent - down five per cent - and the Liberal Democrats on 15 per cent, down a thumping seven points.

But the Populus poll for the European Election is the one that could see Brown packing his bags if it proves to be accurate: The Conservatives fall four points to 30 per cent, compared with their position of three weeks ago, Labour drop nine points to just 16 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats fall eight points to 12 per cent.

UKIP are the huge beneficiaries, rising 13 points to 19 per cent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Greens rise five points to 10 per cent, and the BNP are up three points at five per cent.


James Burdett said...

UKIP, Labour and LD are going to be in a closer three way battle for second, third and fourth. I also think the Conservatives will be up a touch to maybe 32-33 on the actual day.

Curly said...

There's a message for DC there too, if only there could be some sort of rapprochement with UKIP policies and ideas.

CryBaby said...

I'm no expert when it comes to opinion polls, so excuse my ignorance but I am surprised that Labour even show at the moment. Seriously, even if they drop 5% or so - what the hell are the rest of the voters who vote for Labour thinking? Is there some part of England where the sun is shining better for Labour and if so, where??

Catosays said...

I've had a poll running on my little blog and it seems to me that Labour is going to get slaughtered.

Daily Referendum said...

Yeah, I saw that. Not one Labour vote? Bye bye Brown.

J said...

Pedantic point: your pie chart sums to 92%; you need an 8% "others" wedge.

Man in a Shed said...

Problem is we need Brown slaughtered on the alter of the next general election.

He's a great survivor and he will probably try to use the expenses review to put pressure on Labour MPs to keep quiet. ( Plus dangling his end of service list for the Lords in front of them ).

North Northwester said...

An interesting article, and informative.

"Not one Labour vote? Bye bye Brown."

True enough: but they've spend 12 years bankrupting the country, debauching the constitution, corrupting public servants, sending our troops into bullet-storms without proper kit, politicising the police force and the General Staff, and letting the crooks and the illegal immigrants and bogus asylum-seekers consume welfare and other services intended for the British people alone, and the Tories are STILL only on @40%!

DC should be dancing on Labour's electoral grave and heading for a landslide.

Could it be his lacklustre conservatism that is to blame? Because I still can't quite believe him..