Friday, 29 May 2009

Why disgraced MPs are hanging on for General Election.

There's a good reason that those MPs caught getting inventive with our money are not stepping down immediately. If they hang on until the General election they get a nice big fat pay-off. It makes me sick. Here is a list compiled by the BBC indicating how much the troughing sods will get for hanging on:

And don't forget we are still paying them both salary and expenses for the next year.


Catosays said...

This can not be right. These bastards should be forced to stand down NOW.

I'll tell you now, people are reaching boiling point. I've said this elsewhere and I make no apologies for saying it here. If something's not sorted soon, there'll be riots and it'll be some silly little thing that starts it.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree. I think the politicians are hoping this is going to die down. I'm becoming more convinced that it isn't. If anything, I'm getting angrier.

denverthen said...

I had been wondering about this too. You are almost certainly right, but it is an absolute bloody disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cato. I see blood starting to boil. No way is this going to calm down until something drastic happens. People want justice and fairness and MPs are being unreasonable and selfish.

If they carry on paying themselves like this and effectively defy the very people who voted for them, there will be bricks flying through windows and more!