Friday, 1 May 2009

Some very soft statporn - April 09.

It's statporn time and in my case I'm afraid it's soft statporn.

April saw 12,228 unique visitors and 19,589 page views.

So that equates to about 400 people coming here to read my crap each day. I can't complain as I can only put so much effort into blogging seeing as I work twelve hour shifts (days and nights).

The one thing that I regret about blogging is that I'm not always able to answer comments due to the long hours I work. So thanks to those who continue to leave comments.

Does my blog make a difference? You know, sometimes I think it does. I may not have the power of Iain Dale or Guido, but now and again I do hit the target and I cause a ripple. That's the thing about the many Tory blogs, we may be small, but our voice is legion.

Thanks for coming




John of Enfield said...

Keep it up.

Obviously blogging can't be your whole life - so accept the limitations.

If blogging WAS your whole life you would be Ian Dale or Guido Forks and neither you nor I (nor Ian nor Paul) would like that.

Imagine you're Dizzy without being a geek.

Stonemason. said...

Come every day, I'm afraid I just cannot get a handle on Guido's language, the swearing, bit old fashioned I guess.

The Boiling Frog said...

So that equates to about 400 people coming here to read my crap each day.It's not crap.

Keep it up Steve, I appreciate it's time consuming, but your blog is great, for example, the first I was aware of Brown's disastrous smiley video regarding 'Swine Flu' today was via your blog.

See you on the 30th

Chris said...

I can't share your enthusiasm for the Tories, but you have interesting posts and support an English Parliament. For those reasons, this is a good blog to visit.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's not crap. Far from it, it's a very interesting read.

And your figures presumably don't count those of us who read you on RSS readers...

View from the Solent said...

Sometimes crap, sometimes a useful nugget. Worth reading either way.
Thanks for your effort.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I read your blog everyday - however, I read loads of others so cannot always post comments (espcially like yourself with work) but appreciate the posts and have commented on some that I relate to.

Please keep it up - everyone has a part to play and something to say!