Sunday, 17 May 2009

Speaker Michael Martin 3/1 to go before General Election.

With growing demands that Michael Martin should step down as Speaker, William Hill have slashed their odds for him to go before the General Election.

From William Hill:
WILLIAM HILL have cut their odds that Speaker Michael Martin will step down before the General Election, from 5/1 to 3/1 and offer 2/9 that he will not. 'The feeling is growing that the Speaker is rapidly losing support and could be a convenient scapegoat for the current situation' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.HILLS MAKE ALAN HASELHURST AND MENZIES CAMPBELL 3/1 JOINT FAVOURITES to succeed Michael Martin as permanent Speaker, and have seen good support for Sylvia Heal, down from 16/1 to 7/1 third favourite, and Sir George Young, in from 33/1 to 10/1 fourth favourite.
If Martin does not step down soon, then he has no shame. He has lost the confidence of many MPs, and that should be enough to tell anyone that it is time to go. But I suppose he will just desperately hang on to his position like his mate Gordon.


Sean Lynch said...

Carry on Gordon, Gorbals and Labour, you are right Steve, they will.
They have brought us as a nation to our lowest ebb and thankfully history will be a constant reminder.
I hope the Queen leaves big headed, ignorant, arrogant Broon in one of his pitiful impotent rages when she tells him off for bringing the nation into disrepute and fomenting anarchy amongst her fed up subjects.

CryBaby said...

I cannot stress enough how much I hate Labour. It angers me they haven't called an election, or sacked or jailed anyone. Their shamelessness makes me sick.

They are just infuriating the public more and more. Arrogance, greed and egotisical maniacs is what this wretched party have become. Michael Martin is shameless like the rest of them.

The very people who we voted in are the ones who now terrorise us. Unbelievable!!

Andrew Allison said...

He'll be gone soon. Too many big names are now adding their weight behind Douglas Carswell's motion.

Letters From A Tory said...

After the admiration from all sides for Betty, I'm sure another female speaker could be in with a shout.