Monday, 18 May 2009

The Speaker's statement - He must go now.

What a load of old bollocks! Is this what we call democracy in this country? We can't debate whether he should step down or not. The government has to put forward the motion - like that's going to happen. Michael Martin had to ask the Clerk for advice on the ways and means of holding a debate. He's about as much use as a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

If anything, I now believe that this statement has made MPs even more determined that Martin must go. I think we will now see more signatures on Douglas Carswell's EDM.

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Anonymous said...

What an absolute DISGRACE the McSpeaker is!, what have we got in the chair of the Mother of all Parliaments?, a nasty, power drunk Scottish communist with only one concern, keeping his job!, what an INSULT!.

hes hung himself good and proper, he could have said, as i thought he would, that he'd step down before the next General election, which in itself was too long, but i feel it would have been accepted, he could have had a he wont even have a week!, GO NOW!.

And also, not surprising to see that other power mad Scotch coward Broon slink out halfway through the McSpeakers inane, incoherent rambling gibberish!.

Behold the beginning of the end of the Scottish Raj!

McSpeaker OUT!!!!

McLabour OUT!!!!