Sunday, 7 June 2009

Conservative voters about to save Gordon Brown's neck?

Gordon Brown has hung on to power with what can only be described as pathetic desperation. The flood of people deserting the sinking ship has been incredible to see. The Local election results have been disastrous, totally wiping out Labour across the entire country. And yet Gordon Brown hangs on - shamelessly leading his party to a crushing defeat that could be avoided if he could put his party before himself.

It's quite obvious that those Cabinet ministers that haven't resigned have been bought off by Brown. It's sickening to think that our country is being governed by such shallow men and women. We now have a Chancellor that the Prime Minister doesn't want, but is too weak to remove.

However, there is another chance for the Labour party to get rid of Brown. Sunday's European Election results are likely to be very bad for Brown and Labour. If the results are as bad as expected, then Labour backbenchers may be spurred to send around their email asking MPs to back a leadership election. It could be the only chance for some of those backbench MPs to save their seats.

But there is a problem - Conservative voters could be about to throw Brown a lifeline. It looks likely that many of those who would normally vote Conservative, have in fact voted UKIP to protest against David Cameron's reluctance to promise a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty after ratification. So while Labour are very likely to get hammered in the European Elections, Brown may be in the position to use the Conservative's poor results as a get out of jail free card. Brown will be able to claim that the expenses fiasco has damaged all the major parties and that the poor result cannot be pinned on him.

Could the Conservatives be about to save Gordon?


ollybarratt said...

steve, this is a very interesting post, which i've linked to on our FSN Reporters blog

but might this scenario not be, in fact, good news for the Tories in the medium term? Cameron would rather fight Brown at a general election than, say, Johnson - wouldn't he?

Tory Poppins said...

Absolutely - and I'm one of them.

And if the UKip trend is reflected nationally, then that is doubtless what he'll bang on about.

In truth, you're right - because if it wasn't for the Tories weakness on Europe, fringe parties wouldn't get a look in in the Euro elections.

So, Brown's ability to once again wriggle free may, inadvertently, be down to the Tories. Something they desperately need to address.

Daily Referendum said...


Yes, the party does want to see Brown stay. I would like to see him get the boot though, he deserves it.

Daily Referendum said...


I can't blame Cameron for the position Brown has put him in. I voted Conservative in the hope that Dave will do his best for the country after ratification.

Sue said...

Most important of all, Brown is mental. He has to leave, he is damaging our country with his megalomania and making us a laughing stock!

With any luck it will initiate a General Election and Mr Cameron can start to sort it out.

Kalvis Jansons said...

Just let all of us tell Mr Brown to go:

jaymason said...

Hopefully Gord will hang on until a general as he guarantees a tory landslide, every day he hangs on is another nail in labours cofin

Anonymous said...

There is always going to be a specific anti EU vote in an EU election.

Labour coming 4th as rumoured is not going to give them much comfort.

Anonymous said...

I voted UKIP because Cameron has not unequivocally guaranteed a Referendum on the LisbonConstiTreaty.

Sadly, the Tories have in the past signed us up to EU Treaties which have handed over huge chunks of our sovereignty without holding a Referendum and I simply don't trust Cameron unless he gives an absolutely binding commitment.

Gordon is obviously mentally unstable and Labour MPs should depose him for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

I am another tory voter who voted UKIP this time. Why?

I want the Europe issue put to bed once and for all. Lets have a simple referendum, IN or OUT.

And then all shut up.

Are you listening David Cameron?

TrickyDicky said...

Don't you Guys know? EVERYBODY IS OUT OF STEP EXCEPT FOR LITTLE DELUDED EGO GORDO'!! He believes he is the only one on the right path. Poor deluded little bas***d!

Tory Outcast said...

Tbh I would definitely give Gordon a lifeline if it means Conservatives actually recognise the support in the country and particularly in the party to take a much more eurosceptic position

Thursday was a time to put country above party and I hope tonight's results will show a large number of people have made that choice.

Anonymous said...

McDoom doesn't matter, in the scale of things, europe does.