Sunday, 7 June 2009

It's the Expenses stupid! - Labour's big fat lie.

We are, by all accounts (including some Labour MPs) going to see some truly disastrous European election results for Labour tonight. I've outlined HERE how they are going to be able to use the UKIP protest vote to wriggle out of blaming themselves and Brown for their poor performance. The line being used (already) is that they are taking more than their fair share of the blame for the expenses scandal.

This is of course a massive deception. The polls have shown that Labour are just as far behind the Conservatives now, as they were before the expenses scandal broke. The truth is that the Conservatives have fared slightly better because of Cameron's swift and decisive action (when compared to Brown's usual dithering). The gap between Labour and the Conservatives in the Local elections last Friday mirrors what the polls have been saying for months.

What could make Labour's result even worse for them in the European elections tonight is their position on Europe - it has bugger all to do with expenses. Labour (Brown) refused to give us the referendum they promised in their manifesto and the people quite rightly are not going to vote for them. The only silver lining for Brown is that UKIP are likely to pull in some of the Tory vote.

We will be told that "it's the expenses stupid" tonight. But Brown and the rest of Labour are the stupid ones if they think the people will fall for such an incredible lie.

UPDATE: @1812: Labour MEP on BBC saying that "it's the expenses stupid". Get ready for this to be repeated all night.


Andrew Allison said...

I agree.

Man in a Shed said...

What's perhaps more dangerous is the lie within a lie that Labour are using right now.

As you say they uses the expenses issue as an excuse, but then come in with the great untruth of saying how well Brown was doing economically. You know being praised by the G20 - saving the world etc etc.

This is a classic Mandelson tactic - he reckons you can only be bothered to pick up one lie and the lie within a lie becomes established truth.

We need to keep telling people how brank regulation failed because:

1) Gordon Brown and Ed Balls neutered the Bank of England.
2) Ministers ignored warnings that did come from the FSA etc.
3) They destroyed Lloyds bank.

And that's before the argument about enslaving us all in debt.

You see what they are doing - they are trying to re-write recent history. We must not let them.

Anonymous said...

This is all gonna end in tears for Labour. Either they are remarkably stupid believing that people will swallow this crap or they just dont care and will keep hammering home the "its all because of expenses" point.

Every time I think they can't sink any lower, they always prove me wrong.

Mulligan said...

James is everybody's friend but they all fundamentally agree with him.

Gordon has to stay to clean up politics and steer us through economical recovery.

There you go the media might as well interview me instead of any of these lily livered Labour MPs who can't say anything that isn't on script.

Cass.H said...

Spot on. However I wish Cameron would stop calling for an election...I think the whole country knows he wants one he's been going on about it forever.
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Anonymous said...

I'm genuinely amazed at just how many people STILL vote for Labour. Surely, the UK doesn't have that many people who are clinically insane?

Stonemason. said...

Harry Hook has obviously not visited Wales, we have the labour lunatics and schizophrenic Plaid Cymru to cope with.

..... pass the bottle .....

Anonymous said...

You're so right Stonemason. Like most of the 24th Regiment of Foot... I definitely haven't been to Wales.