Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Even The Mirror turns against Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown has achieved something I thought he was incapable of. He has managed to alienate the one newspaper that has shown blind (and mindless) loyalty to him and his Government - The Mirror.

The straw that broke the camel's back for The Mirror, looks to be yesterday's announcement of a sham enquiry into the Iraq war.

The Mirror's Jason Beattie wrote:
Gordon Brown sparked furious claims of a whitewash yesterday after ruling the inquiry into the Iraq War would be held in private.

The long-awaited probe will be conducted by hand-picked grandees and will not report until after the next election.

And amazingly, Downing St admitted the toothless investigation would not even demand witnesses give evidence by law, and that its aim was not to "apportion blame".

The probe provoked fury among relatives of 179 troops who died and cries of "fix" from the opposition.
Even the the ridiculously pro-labour "Voice of the Mirror" has a go at Brown:
To hold the inquiry into the Iraq war in secret is another spectacular own goal by the Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown has missed a valuable opportunity to begin the slow and painful process of rebuilding public confidence in politics.

We were cajoled and coerced into the most controversial of conflicts on what was at best reckless disinformation, at worst a blatant lie.

This war triggered the biggest demonstrations in recent history. So to handpick four knights and a baroness to peruse documents behind closed doors is an insult, a charade to inflame contempt instead of healing wounds.

Faith in politicians was eroded by the Iraq invasion, and fell off a cliff over MPs' expenses. Mr Brown yesterday fuelled the cynicism.

We are still waiting for that full public inquiry into the Iraq war.
Is this the first sign of a split between Brown and The Mirror? Have they finally had enough of Brown's outrageous lies and deceit?

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