Monday, 15 June 2009

Climate change - You couldn't make it up!

Earlier this month there was a Local Government Climate Change Leadership Summit held in Copenhagen. According to the EEA (European Environment Agency) website, the Summit was a: "Unique opportunity for cities, municipalities, and regions worldwide to demonstrate to the climate community what they have done in the field of climate." Nice.

You have to laugh at the stupidity of these people: Apparently 1,500 mayors, local politicians and senior administration officials from around 160 countries attended the Summit. It gets worse, the EEA website goes on to boast that: "Furthermore, representatives from national governments and embassies, international organizations and press will be present in Copenhagen."

So lets get this straight - Thousands of people from all over the world have flown to Copenhagen to talk about Climate Change. I'm damn sure that I'm not the only one who sees the idiocy of this summit? I'm a man made climate change sceptic, but I'm pretty sure that if it does indeed exist, then these morons are not exactly helping.

And how much has this cost the taxpayer?


CryBaby said...

Even if we overlook their blatant idiocy in travel arrangements, I agree that we should all dispose of garbage better, recycle, not waste and all that other responsible stuff, but whats with all the scaremongering of life-threatening weather changes and rising sea-levels and the doomsday lark? Using that as a basis for offsetting carbon footprints and planting trees and loads of other bollocks that come with it. All at a cost with tons of profits of course!

Climate change is one big money-making scam put together by some fat cigar smoking motherfuckers.

By all means, put me straight if I'm wrong.

Rachel said...

Cry Baby - I do so agree - if you want to know who is driving this ridiculous agenda all you have to do is ask "Who's making money out of it?"

Remember Y2K? Computer companies made a killing, and we were all conned.

Sounds very much like the same tune playing to me.

James Higham said...

Sigh. Why are bloggers so blinkered? the evidence is right before you and you say, 'It's not happening,' and quote some statistics from somewhere which are refuted by the other side's statistics.

In Britain where it hasn't hit, one can understand the blinkeredness but go to Russia or Australia or the Antarctic - go to Florida and it's a different story.

Glyn H said...

Recently there was a local meeting where the Met Office ‘head of propaganda’ Dr Vicky Pope came out to speak on climate change. The open invite said you got a prize if you cycled, walked or car shared – so I got out the Rolls and took a friend. Dr P told us that she hoped no one had read Nigel Lawson’s book (An Appeal To Reason), a position for which she later apologised. She dismissed the 16c Little Ice Age when the Thames froze over during winters as of no consequence as it was localised and only applied to ‘Europe’ and equally that at several periods in the past the local patch had been a wine making area – a cottage in the next village is called Grapevine. All these earlier changes were insignificant. Only the present one – supposedly due to mankind’s production of CO2 - should be of relevance to the discussion and action. She did not know the proportion of water vapour in the atmosphere but from the Lawson book I understand that around 75% of greenhouse gases.

It is very sad that educated people have taken this to their hearts and seek to destroy our well being in the name of curing the supposed disease. Before they had environmentalism it was communism/socialism and before that religion but listening to this dross was like seeing a parade of 60-year-old people (my age) wearing greying ponytails and earrings or Marianne Faithful haircuts in the case of the womenfolk. Sad creatures lost in a flower power world but now in charge of public policy. Which is worse the misguided (Ed Miliband) or the outright malevolent such as Ed Balls?

CryBaby said...

James, The earth is changing and always has been changing and always will change. It is the nature of the universe and not some climate change, global issue. It's universal. Universe expands, contracts. Weather, sea-levels all change - just like human being change the older they get.

It's a part of a process that some are using for financial gain.

Wurzel said...

I agree with CryBaby's comment - I too am against needless waste.

Similarly I also do not dismiss climate change. When I was at school late 60's/early 70s all predictions were that another Ice Age was due. Then we had the global warming scaremongering. Then, because both sides could find statistics to support their theory, as could those that claim nothing it happening, they agreed to call it climate change. As I say I do not dismiss climate change because the Earth's climate has always been changing, and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

What no-one will convince me of is that the change is down to human activity. Take a look at a globe. See how much of the surface area is actually inhabited/industrialised. And try and convince me that gasses drifting into the atmosphere from such a small area is sufficient to create a layer miles up (do the sums, the fast it is miles up makes it a vastly significantly bigger area again that the earth surface itself) to make a difference to our climate down her on the surface.

Nope, our climate might be changing but there ain't nowt we are doing to cause it, and likewise there ain't nowt we can do to stop it.

James Higham said...

Russia yesterday had 36 degrees ... in June! For the first time they didn't have snow till New Year. Florida has unseasonal cold. Australia's had unusual stuff for three or four years. All of these are unprecedented, i.e. they are not something which happened in 1680 or whatever but new situations.

This is happening. I don't blame the average eprson but the chemical companies, military effing around with the atmosphere and so on.

Leaving that aside, just sheer population is a major problem too but that's another matter.

miles said...

god this and the majority of comments are so short sighted it is absurd. "And how much has this cost the taxpayer?" classic line, statememnts like that are why people laugh at the conservative party