Monday, 15 June 2009

Gordon Brown's legacy - The bloody liar.

I think I've worked out what Gordon Brown's legacy will be. He's always been a spinner who has surrounded himself with back stabbers, but he's upped his game recently. He's gone from the nasty bit of spin and smear to full blown lies and deceit. So I'm going to remember him not as a loser, or a ditherer, or back stabber, or a spinner, or a smear spreader, or a bottler, or as an incompetent arse - no, I will remember Gordon Brown as a bloody liar.

He accuses the Conservatives of making cuts to spending when he himself must do the same. He has announced an enquiry into the Iraq war, only for us to find out that it is to be held behind closed doors, and the results will not be published until after the General Election. And this latest sick attempt by his government to tie the Conservatives to the BNP is shameful. How far is this man willing to stoop? I will warn any Labour supporters who may be reading this: Gordon Brown is going to destroy your party for a very long time.

Gordon Brown just doesn't get the Internet. He doesn't realise that there are sharks constantly circling him waiting for him to slip up - waiting for his lies. Gone are the days when a politician can blatantly lie to the people and get away with it. The sharks are waiting, and the truth will come out in the feeding frenzy. Brown thinks that his lies are helping, but they are only making the situation worse for Labour. It won't be long before the papers refuse to publish his rubbish - I suspect that some already are. You can almost feel the anger coming from the journalist at his press conferences.

Gordon the liar has got his back to the wall. He thinks that he can win by fighting dirty, but he is only deceiving himself.


Tory Poppins said...

He's the most repulsive, bitter, twisted loser I've ever had the displeasure of having to watch snivvle on in the Commons.

He's literally prepared to stoop to whatever lengths he needs to, to remain in power. He is amoral . . .shameless.

I hope he does destroy the Labour party for 'eons' to come - if not altogether. They had their chance to get the idiot out and they bottled it. They deserve everything they get!

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's lied about transparency too!

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

There's no 'probably' about it.