Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tom Harris MP bans anyone from calling Gordon Brown a liar.

Tom Harris is banning anyone from calling Gordon Brown a liar on his blog. Truly effing pathetic:
JOHN Rentoul makes a good point about the Tories’/Spectator’s latest childish tactic of calling everyone they disagree with a liar. "Vulgar abuse", John calls it, and he’s right.

I’ve been adopting far too liberal an approach to comment approval, even where the Tory liar line has been used, so I’m announcing a review. All existing comments which accuse anyone of lying will be deleted, and no future comments which do the same will be approved.

Use parliamentary protocol, people – there are ways of getting your point across without resort to childish name-calling.

Feckin’ eejits.
Here is my comment on this:
The dishonesty tag is working because it is true. And it hurts. Is there any point coming back here? What else will you ban? Is any criticism of Brown to be banned next? the government after that? then any criticism of the Labour party?

This is Labour all over, if you don’t like it you ban it, change the law, or just have those involved arrested on trumped up charges if all else fails.

You don’t get it, and that’s why you are going to lose, and BAD.
Labour: if they don't like it, or if the truth causes embarrassment, they ban it. Tom, you just don't get blogging do you?

Update: If you think that I'm jumping to conclusions about Tom banning the word liar from his blog, then please read the comments on this post for my explanation.

The Liar tag is sticking to Gordon Brown and Labour do not like it. When people think of Gordon Brown, the word Liar now springs to mind. Labour will move heaven and earth to change that. Here's a top tip for Labour MPs/members/supporters: Get Gordon to stop lying.


Liam Murray said...

His comments policy applies to all politicians, not just Labour ones.

Fair game for criticism of course but a tad dishonest on your part not to point this out in your post no....?

Daily Referendum said...


That's crap. You can say that he meant all politicians if you want, but this policy is in direct response to a number of bloggers calling Brown (and to some extent Balls) a liar.

I had just (i.e 5 minutes before his pants on fire post appeared) left this comment on his previous post:

Labour Matters,

You are full of it,

The Tories have said that they will make 10% cuts to all but a few departments (i.e. health). They used Gordon Brown's own figures to come up with these cuts, whilst that lying sod stands up in the house and says he will not cut.

Gordon Brown is a liar and you are either too ridiculously loyal or incredibly stupid.

Liam, the Liar tag is working and they don't like it. The truth hurts - and all that.

marksany said...

Glad to see you back blogging Steve

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Mark!

I think I'm back. I guess I just needed a break. If anything it's the crap that Tom Harris is knocking out that got me worked up enough to start posting again.

The man has more faces than Big Ben (yes I know that's the bell's name).

ScotsToryB said...

Ditto re you're back.

'(yes I know that's the bell's name)'.

Spinning ever so slightly, does that refer to Tom Harris?



Anonymous said...

Oh dear... er... what's Tom's opinion on Gordon being called a cunt?

The Grim Reaper said...

Harry Hook said: "What's Tom's opinion on Gordon being called a cunt?"

Conversely, would Gordon mind if I called Tom Harris a cunt?

kj said...

I think Tom does think that Gordon is a liar but is afraid to get to far into the anti-Gordon movement so he somewhat flailed to seem to at least defend him.