Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Unison withdraw financial support for Labour.

Sky are reporting that Unison are suspending payments to 64 constituency Labour parties. Unison give the labour party about £2m each year. This is a major blow to the Labour party and it could be just the first of many. The Union say they are angry over MPs expenses and the part privatisation of Royal Mail. General Secretary Dave Prentis said his union was "tired of feeding the hand that bites it".

Of course as a Conservative member I'm not unhappy to hear this bit of news. However, I am more concerned that this Union is using it's money to try to influence government policy. What will Brown do? Lose the Labour party £2m/year, or become Unison's bitch?


Sean Lynch said...

Of course Steve, the membership are mostly health service, now they've heard the Conservatives saying health spending will not be cut, they don't need Labour anymore.
Labour are announcing now the Conservative spending plan they lambasted last week i.e. cutback elsewhere but health to be their own.
This is the thing, every time the Conservatives make a policy statement, the following week Brown declares it to be his idea,
that is fundamentally why policy should be reserved for the election campaign manifesto, Brown will just steal Tory policies like the cuckoo he is !!

Anonymous said...


Lord Ashcroft - is he the bitch master?

CherryPie said...

I never did understand why the trade unions were still affiliated to the labour party!

Steve_Barker said...

I have been baffled for a very long time why the Co-op Party has not left Labour. I would suggest that the Greens were a better home for both the Co-op Party, and Unisons objectives.

Monkey Blog said...

When Labour ditched clause 4,all union funding should have ceased, as Socialist principles on which the liason was formed had ceased.
The Unions would be better to use the money looking after their members. The Labour Party could seek funding from the Banking institutions