Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gordon Brown's spending lies are not fooling voters.

I wrote yesterday that Gordon Brown was totally and utterly delusional if he thought that we would believe his "Tory cuts" lies. I also wrote that his legacy would be one of being a bloody liar.

Well it looks like I was right to believe that the people would not fall for Labour's lies this time. As soon as Brown came out with his false statement about increased Labour spending at PMQs last week, the blogosphere and the MSM were all over him. Yet still the fool has continued to spew out the same rubbish during the last week.

PoliticsHome has carried out a nationwide survey asking those taking part to name the party they feel are most honest about their tax and spending plans.

From PoliticsHome:

Labour failed to score an overall majority even with their own supporters; only forty eight per cent of Labour party supporters believe they are the party that is most honest about their spending and tax intentions. In contrast, the Tories and Lib Dems were both backed by eighty two per cent of their supporters.

The government's rhetoric on tax and spending has failed to convince independent voters. Only six per cent feel they are most honest, whereas thirty three per cent chose the Conservatives and twenty three per cent the Liberal Democrats.

I think that these results are pretty conclusive. Lets hope Brown keeps up the lies - they are obviously doing Labour more damage than the Tories.


Sue said...

I hope you´re right Steve. I´d like to come back to the UK and bring my business home with me but if the Labour Government get elected again, chances are, I´ll stay here for good!

Wurzel said...

I'm suprised anyone can still think of Gordon Brown's Labour as honest.

But I can't get my head round that second table. Nothing seems to add up to 100

James Higham said...

We hope they're not, Steve.

Stonemason. said...

Listening to Brown is like Orwell's 1984, a 21st century Newspeak .... lies are the truth .... truth are lies.

Can someone explain to him suicide is a real option, and we have the Welsh Nationalists causing strife in the province ..... send help.

Letters From A Tory said...

I'm delighted that the voters are finally waking up to Brown's deceit. Long may it continue!

Sean Lynch said...

There must be a perception Steve that all this has developed under a
Labour watch, they have been in power for 12 years, therefore it is they who have presided over a decline in morals, decency, honesty, integrity and this has been reflected in society at large.
The only thing that seems to matter to socialists and Marxists is money, they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.
The core values that are the glue that holds society together are mocked, institutions centuries old are trashed, identity is lost, the only thing that remains is the accumulation of wealth in a hostile environment !
It would never occur to the ruling Marxist elite that we might blame them for this sorry outcome, we are the "masses", all born yesterday and brainless, incapable of the independent thought that is the antithesis of top down statism.

the Minister said...

In a poll 93% of 77k voters (so far) are in favour of a law against deception - The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill. I'm not sure that means voters trust any one party more than another unless directlt asked to compare who they trust more