Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gordon Brown sinks to a new low - spending cuts.

Sometimes the world of politics can be truly amazing. Only in the world of spin can men and women (supposedly of trust) tell the most incredible lies and honestly believe they will get away with it. Today the Independent reports that..... wait for it......Gordon Brown is to announce a list of Labour spending cuts when parliament resumes.

Obviously he thinks that the thick British public will have forgotten his ridiculous claims that he would increase spending - while the Tories are a bunch of nasty cutters. For more than two months he vehemently denied that he would cut spending. It was incredible to see the Prime Minister tell such blatant porkies at PMQs and during TV interviews. The press didn't fall for it and even Labour supporting papers accused Brown of being dishonest. 0% rise anyone?

Now Brown intends to steal a march on Cameron by announcing his cuts first - cuts he swore live on TV (on several occasions) that he would never make. He knows no shame and has a serious disregard for the intelligence of British voters - either that, or the man is a complete idiot. Who gives him advice? Does he take advice? How can his fellow MPs stand by and watch him make such a laughing stock of their party? The man is an arse. How long will it take before the many clips of him saying that he will not cut spending are flashed up on our TV screens? Not long I suspect.

Labour MPs - get ready for more embarrassment.

UPDATE: I've had a bit of time to mull this over. This strategy could have worked if Labour had rid themselves of Calamity Brown before the break and then the new party leader could have announced the cuts when parliament resumed - fresh start and all that. If Brown announces these cuts then the party will just look (even more) dishonest.


English Guy said...

Well said Steve - he really does think the British public are thick. Saying that, there's still 25% of the UK population stupid enough to want to vote Labour. Maybe they're the only constituency he's got left to court.

Oliver Drew said...

Nice post. Good to see that my opinion of Brown - that he is a hypocrite and a liar who will do anything to seem like he is leading both his country and the world - is being proven correct time and again.

Man in a Shed said...

I thought I heard this on the radio this morning, but assumed I was dreaming.

It will do him no good at all and just cement public mistrust.

However it might help the country a bit. I assume the situation is truly appalling and that collapse of the state's finances is very close for him to try this.

Of course those pulling the strings plan in Labour is not to win the next election, but to have Lisbon as a accomplished fact when the next government gets into office ( which is little short of treasonous - especially given Labour's 2005 manifesto promise ).

I guess we will get the Labour cuts vs Tory cuts argument for the next 9 months with Brown blurting on his Tractor productions stats.

Of course it could all be a rouse to try to get Cameron to be more specific first so as to take electoral advantage from the votes of those who lose out.

CryBaby said...

Brown didnt realise that by saying he wouldn't make cuts, it actually made things worse. In a recession, who wants a partner who spends like mad on a credit card at high interest rates?

He made the tories look sensible and now he's jumping in the same bed as them.

Good I say, he's just confirming what an indecisive, u-turning, headline-grabbing bastard he is.

ScotsToryB said...

Tut, tut, Steve.

His investment programmes will be foreshortened and forelengthened thus achieving a temporary hiatus in the Third Endogenious growth spurt of his premiership.

With this masterful understanding of the seeming paradox between Nasty Tory Cuts and a necessary dialectical decrease in the increase of step change growth we can all sit back and wonder at the genius who will give us 'The Winter Of Content'.


Gallimaufry said...

I fear Our Dear Leader read 1984 in his padded cell and thought it was a "How To" guide instead of a warning.
Chocolate ration will increase to 20 grammes in November.

The Oncoming Storm said...

Steve is it physically possible for Brown to fall any lower?

Bardirect said...

O/T but this guy deserves a plug


Harry Hook said...

First among the cuts... elections and referendums...

Anonymous said...

but wait, just like his rises his cuts are 0%. sorted

Sean Lynch said...

He has sunk lower, not commenting on the bomber release, it IS a UK matter, foreign policy and international relations are not devolved to Scotland, this has been a travesty that has and will continue to damage all of us, I personally am fed up with being run by a cabal of chippy Scots in my own country of England, the whole thing has been farcical, badly handled, inept, in fact a typical left wing political balls up by the Scottish "government" and the U.K. Labour government which is also run by Scottish politicians elected in Scotland and unaccountable to ANYBODY

Daniel1979 said...

I have to agree Steve, an agenda of cuts would have worked for the Labour Party heading into the election, and probably would have forced David Cameron to get more specific on his intented budget for years 1 and 2 of a Tory government.

However, their failure to rid them and us of Brown will mean they will not win any votes after having lied about not making cuts whilst attempting to smear the Tories.

It also confirms what we have suspected on the Treasury, they are basically making up economic policy to suit short term conditions. If they were looking at short and medium term whilst bashing the Tories in April they would have, like the public, like the media and lien everyone else seen that it is the correct and necessary direction.

The Labour Government are all fools, only a bigger fool would contemplate voting for them now.

James Higham said...

Only in the world of spin can men and women (supposedly of trust) tell the most incredible lies and honestly believe they will get away with it.

Oh yes and I was a victim of it today.