Monday, 21 September 2009

Could the Czechs save us from the Lisbon Treaty?

The possibility of the Czechs delaying their ratification of the Lisbon Treaty is the best news I've heard for quite some time. If the Czechs can hold out long enough, there is a good chance that we will get the referendum we were promised. The only problem is - can they hold out long enough for us to get rid of Gordon Brown?

There is no doubt that Brown will now try his utmost to set the Election date for after the Czech ratification - the last thing he wants is for the people of this country to have a vote on the Treaty - he knows the NO vote will win.

With a bit of luck the Irish will tell the EU that "NO means NO" and the Treaty will be killed off for good. However, I don't trust the EU to respect the Irish vote unless the YES vote wins. They are hell-bent on their Super-state and will not contemplate failure. I'm not even confident that a UK NO vote will stop them.

Apparently French President Nicolas Sarkozy is furious at the news of the Czech delay - oh dear - how sad - never mind.

Hat tip for the video to Daniel1979 Blog


James Higham said...

The Czechs and the Germans, according to the Quiet Man.

He's Spartacus said...

Not filled with optimism about the Irish vote. Polls don't look good.

This news from the Czech Republic, however is momentous indeed, if we can just hold out for another 250-odd days....

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