Monday, 21 September 2009

Nick Clegg - Tax shouldn't be taxing - property tax.

Before we start I should set out my position. I don't own a property worth £1m and I probably never will. I'm not some "Tory Toff" - I'm from a council estate in Barnsley and up until the last four years or so I have been a Labour voter. I have always paid tax as I've never been out of work, and like many, I will probably pay tax for the vast majority of my adult life. Bearing that in mind I want to tell you why I find proposals like the Lib Dem's new "Property Tax" so nauseating.

The rich paying extra tax is "fair". That's what I keep hearing form Labour and Lib Dem MPs - "it's fair that the rich pay more" Why? They already pay more tax than the rest of us so why is it "fair" that they pay even more? Why should the government have more claim on the better-offs money than mine? It's not bloody "fair". Fair is everyone working and paying their way. Fair is everyone paying the same percentage of their wages in tax. Even then, the richer you are, the more you give to Gordon Brown.

Labour and Lib Dem MPs realise it is not "fair", but they know that it is a good way to rake in more money, and they also think it is a vote winner with the public at large. I think they are wrong - the politics of envy are dying. I'm not rich, I'm a married man with for four kids and a mortgage to pay. I don't envy the rich, and I don't think it would be "fair" to see them hammered for more tax just because a bunch of lefties and beardy weirdies think that it is "fair". The well off are entitled to the money they earn like the rest of us. Many of those with £1m homes will have bloody great mortgages to pay (or may even be retired) - and the last thing they will want to hear is some idiot like Clegg telling them that it is "fair" that he's going to take even more of their money.

I'm sorry but saying that it is "fair" to tax someone more because they have worked hard to get a good job makes my blood boil. There is nothing "fair" about it. It's called passing laws to 'legally steal' someones money - knowing that you won't lose too many votes (or might even win some). Thank God the Leftie is a dying breed in this country.


JMT said...

A Council tax based on the value of a house is totally bonkers anyway.

A government agency comes up with a several year-old hypothetical property value (based on what they consider a non-existant phantom buyer will pay for a mortgaged house that is not even up for sale), and which is anyhow owned/part owned by a mortgage lender - and then this agency presents the current occupant with a tax bill.

If someone can explain how the paper value of house that is not up for sale puts money into my current account, I will say it is a fair tax.

And to those who say that if I sell the house I will make a profit, those individuals should realise that if i sell the house I will not have a tax liability in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The joke is that a great many Lib Dems supporters in the South would fall foul of this tax. message to Clegg D'OH!

Real estate Toronto said...

Hello and thank you for your post. I understand what makes you angry and agree that the richer you are the more tax you pay. Therefore, there is no reason to pay extra money just for being rich. That's a very discriminative attitude, isn't it?

Wishing all the best,