Monday, 14 September 2009

Gordon Brown should resign for this.

Gordon Brown should resign for this from the Telegraph:
For the past six months Britain’s elite troops have been schooling soldiers working for Col Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, which for years provided Republican terrorists with the Semtex explosive, machine-guns and anti-aircraft missiles used against British troops during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Sources within the SAS have expressed distaste at the agreement, which they believe could be connected to the release of the Lockerbie bomber.
I feel sorry for the the men being forced to carry out such shameful orders. Gordon Brown is one real scumbag.

Full story HERE.


Beaman said...

I thought the same. It must be a ghastly job for the men having to do that in Libya. Shame on Brown.

James Higham said...

The trouble is, there are so many treasonous things he's done. This is near the top of the list but there's a great waiting list.

Man in a Shed said...

I'm with James H on this.