Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gordon Brown - I lied about spending cuts.

Gordon Brown is to finally admit (in a speech to the TUC in Liverpool) that he has been lying to the nation for the last four months. Since June (video) he has been adamant that a Labour government will increase public spending - whilst portraying the Conservatives as a bunch of nasty cutters. No one but the most loyal (or thick) would entertain this most blatant of lies - the man is truly incompetent. We have come to expect dishonesty from the government, but the pathetic lies Brown has been feeding us only show his great contempt for our intelligence.

Even now he is trying to use weasel words and spin to announce that he will indeed be cutting spending - he will say that his government will: "cut unnecessary spending on low priorities". What the hell does that mean? Are we to assume that they have been spending unnecessarily on low priorities for the last decade or more? I would like to think that every single penny I pay in tax is being spent for the good of the nation and my family - not being pissed down the drain on low priority, nice to have, money wasting, Socialist projects. One thing that seriously pisses me off is overseas aid. Why in the name of all that is holy are we giving hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money to countries that have nuclear weapon and space exploration programmes? If they can afford nuclear weapons, massive armies and space rockets - then they should be able to feed their own people without dipping their corrupt fingers into my back pocket.

So what has caused this change of direction from Brown? i.e. from telling ridiculous lies - to almost telling the truth (obviously telling the whole truth is too big a step). It could have something to do with the rest of the Cabinet telling him that he is making them all look like (soon to be unemployed) fools. Maybe it has dawned on the Cabinet that the people aren't as stupid as they had hoped. The polls over the last few months have shown that the voters aren't buying Brown's crap anymore - and that he has lost what little credibility Tony Blair left Labour with. Or it could have something to do with the latest Populus poll? - 84% of people think there will need to be “significant cuts in public spending”, and 61% of respondents think Gordon Brown is a liability to his party. 65% of people think that another Labour politician would do better than Gordon Brown, with 48% agreeing that “literally anyone would do a better job than him”.

What a state to be in - will Brown go down in history as our most incompetent PM ever?


Wurzel said...

What a state to be in - will Brown go down in history as our most incompetent PM ever?

Without a doubt - YES ! (As long as his creative spin team aren't let loose to write our future history books anyway)

Man in a Shed said...

Most incompetent to date - yes.

But Hatty Harman is in the wings waiting to strike a blow for the wimmin in the last dying days of socialist misrule. She could be even worse ( though she may never get the time to prove it ).

John M Ward said...

Quite a turn-around for Brown, that Mandelson is trying to pretend that the Gorgon never said "Labour investment versus Tory cuts". Nick Robinson nailed him on that one on Today, though…

As for the Harridan: well, Hattie would certainly be the most divisive in living memory, if not in all of Britain's history, but not necessarily the worst overall. It is a hard one to call, actually!