Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Harriet Harman wants to ban boobs in the workplace.

From The Sun:
TOPLESS calendars - and Page 3 photos - will be banned from workplaces under potty laws drawn up by Harriet Harman. Labour's deputy leader - dubbed Hattie Har-person by critics - claims it is harassment to put up saucy pics at work.

The small print of the Government's flagship Equalities Bill declares: "An employer who displayed any material of a sexual nature, such as a topless calendar, may be harassing employees where this makes the workplace an offensive place to work."

Critics fear a witch-hunt against workers. Tory MP Philip Davies fumed: "This is crazy - the nanny state running riot.
This story is a couple of days old now but I thought it was relevent following her comments to conference this morning about The Sun. She told the Bruvvers and sisters:
"Something the Sun knows absolutely nothing about - equality. Let's face it, the nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is Page 3's news in briefs."
That's Harriet - attack your core vote.


Anonymous said...

Do the Torys even need to bother? Labour are destroying themselves.

Harman purposefully ignores males and their likes and interests, which unsurprisingly, includes women. Freedoms and current liberties are doomed under a future Labour government, as well as the present one. A shame for Harriet that men can still vote Labour out.

Colin said...

Philip Davies seems a little confused as to the meaning of "the nanny state".

Sarah said...

As long as 'current liberties' include the right to have pictures of fully nude men and erect penises on one's desk, then your stance holds some validity..

tally said...

even if the tories win with a landslide, there are plenty of Harmans in the civil service and council backrooms who can carry on with the new labour agenda.Unless they are weeded out.