Friday, 18 September 2009

New Statesman removes "Tory racism: Crystal clear" article.

James Macintyre of the New Statesman wrote an article today entitled Tory racism: crystal clear. He claimed that Daniel Hannan had made racist remarks about Barack Obama. He received 29 comments - the vast majority telling him how badly he had got it wrong. He even said that the Conservative party was in his opinion a racist organisation. He said: "I believe the Conservative Party is institutionally racist. I always have done."

The article now seems to have disappeared. When James didn't like the comments he was receiving, he then launched into an attack on bloggers for leaving comments - asking: do you have jobs?

I wonder who pulled the article, James, or his boss? No doubt Daniel Hannan wasn't too pleased to be labelled a racist.

The article can still be viewed in the cache.


Quiet_Man said...

The story seems to have surfaced in the Mirror Mirror Sunny Hundal, Alex Smith and Tom Watson report it too and get a good thumping over it.

Herbert said...

Well, it's god to know I was 1/29th responsible for the removal of the silly twerp's piece.

Daily Referendum said...


Yeah, what a wally that man is. Does he get paid for writing for the Statesman?

Daniel1979 said...


great Job in the comments!

It is still in the Cache


Daily Referendum said...


Excellent mate - I was looking for that myself.

Now screen captured!



Madasafish said...

I also was 1/29th responsible for its removal.
The man makes D draper look sane.

DomFisher said...

Well done for refusing to back down. I don't believe that they believe this horse manure - they're just trying to change the subject from Labour's weak points (i.e. everything else).

tally said...

anything to do with England is racist according to new labour and the bbc.
Those of us that were writing letters in support of the No campaign against a NE regional assembly in 2004 were accused of being sexist middle aged racist males by the Yes Campaigners.
It is the default position of the left when they are losing the argument.

Arden Forester said...

He sounds like a twisted little prig. But one who thinks he may have over done it, because why else would he remove the article?

He's Spartacus said...

Called out again....

Keep digging, James.

Daniel1979 said...

It has been deleted from the cache... i did not think that could be done.