Thursday, 17 September 2009

Who is the biggest Liar - Brown or Mandelson?

After Gordon Brown and his incompetent bunch of ministers were caught out lying to parliament over spending cuts, it seems their preferred method to excuse their disgusting behaviour is to tell more lies. Peter Mandelson has been rolled out to do his "look into my eyes, not around the eyes" routine. There is no lie that Mandelson will not tell - no matter how unbelievable. His latest is to accuse the Tories of trying to create a "false impression" of government spending plans. Can you believe the sheer gall of the man?

Apparently Mandelson told Reuters TV:
"It's easy to take a leaked document, to selectively lift from that figures that are provided by officials but which don't represent ministerial plans."
The Tories did not selectively lift figures from this document - they took the full set of treasury figures that they received - and gave them to the press. And these are official treasury figures, not pie in the sky. And if they don't represent ministerial plans - then can Mandelson tell us what their plans actually are? Gordon Brown has been telling us for months that he will not cut spending, but on Tuesday he said he would cut spending. Then we found out that the treasury plans to cut spending by almost 10%, but now Mandelson is trying to tell us that they are not ministerial plans. Are ministers going to ignore treasury figures? Who or what are we supposed to believe?

One thing is for certain, the public can no longer believe a single word that Brown or his ministers utter.

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Quiet_Man said...

Bit like asking us who was the better graverobber, Burke or Hare. Neither one of whom you'd like to meet in polite company.