Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Proof that Gordon Brown lied to the nation about cuts.

Gordon Brown has lied to parliament and the nation. When he repeatedly told us that he would increase spending - whilst the Tories would cut by 10% - he was intentionally lying. According to George Osborne, Brown lied to us whilst he was in possession of treasury documents outlining near 10% cuts he himself would have to make. We all knew Gordon Brown was lying to us, but now those treasury documents have been leaked to the Tories, we have the proof.

You would expect a decent man to resign in Gordon Brown's position, but we all know that the man who writes about courage has no honour or moral fibre. It's shameful that such a man is representing our nation.

George Osborne said:

"It's about trust and honesty... what they show - these are the internal government projections for spending - and they show that the government has been planning since the Budget a near 10% cut in departmental budgets.

"And of course since the Budget we have had Gordon Brown and others on programmes like this saying there was a choice between Labour investment and Tory cuts, and very specifically attacking us for being the people planning 10% cuts, and saying David Cameron was Mr 10% and so on.

"And now we know that Gordon Brown misled the public, misled Parliament, was not telling the truth, was sitting all the time on internal Treasury documents telling him the real truth."

Gordon Brown has intentionally lied to Parliament and the Nation. This is not just a bit of political mischief from Gordon Brown - he has lied about the future prosperity of this nation. If this does not warrant a call for a Vote of no Confidence, then I don't know what does.


Dippyness. said...

I agree. Lets be honest Gordon Brown has totally lost the plot. His hunger for power has made him deaf and blind to reality.
Same thing happened with Tony Blair. Difference was, he did a runnner when he knew the game was up.

Daniel1979 said...

Labour are too spineless to challenge their discredited leader... they know they are heading for the wilderness and are preapred to let it drag out for a few more months of salary and perks.