Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Labour's outlandish claims over Tory cuts

Nothing is straightforward with Gordon Brown is it? Having to abandon his lies about "Tory cuts vs Labour investment" he now has to have a new nasty little lie. The new one that seems to have been repeated by Labour puppets all afternoon is "Tory slash and burn".

Labour want the public to believe that the Conservatives are determined to destroy the economy at all costs - Schools will be closed, hospitals will be knocked down, millions will be thrown on the dole and sacks full of kittens will be thrown in the canal. What they will fail to mention is that all their nice, fluffy, Labour cuts will be them just cutting out all the socialist crap that they have been wasting our money on.

There are some great lines coming from Labour at the moment. Here are two of my favourites so far:

From the ever nonpartisan The Voice of the Mirror:

Finally Labour is beginning to show some much frankness in how it will deal with the problem [cuts], in marked contrast to the Tories slash-and-burn economic Armageddon.

From Peter Mandelson:

The Tories were "foaming at the mouth with excitement" at the prospect of cuts.

And they expect the voters to believe this rubbish. Have you seen or read any other wild claims that can be added to the list?


Anonymous said...

Over the past 12-13 years, people have, unbelievably, fell for their shite, surely now they are out and out BIG!, look at it this way, if people fall for it again....then we deserve them.

King Athelstan said...

I'm surprised He forgot to mention David Cameron eats babies.

The Jackson Four said...

Thatcher and new labour between them have destroyed this country's manufacturing industry along with the very fabric of society itself. Don't you ever wonder why everyone is so fucking angry all the time these days? It's because you've taken away all the securities of life and debased all the values people used to hold dear in the search for a few more pounds of profit.Oh and the awful recent financial crisis - what an 'economic miracle' it's been eh?

Well done.

Chris said...

Angry? Angry was the '80s. The vast majority of people I meet nowadays are apathetic and disinterested in politics.

Chris said...

Oh, and Jackson Four: if you think the 1970s were a lovely, stable time with full employment and happiness writ large, you really should try looking beyond inaccurate BBC pap propaganda like "I love The 1970s".