Monday, 28 September 2009

Why Labour will lose the General Election - From an ex-Labour voter.

As an ex-Labour voter I'm going to tell you why I think Labour will lose the next General Election. First of all we should discuss why people like me voted Labour in the last three elections. Why did I vote Labour? I'm afraid that I was greedy. Knowing that the country's finances were in good shape (thanks to the previous Tory government) I liked the idea of Labour's promise to throw tons of money at our public services, I liked the idea of a minimum wage and I liked the sound of their promises to help out the less well off. That was 1997.

By 2001 I was a little disillusioned with my decision to vote Labour at the previous Election. This was mainly because I felt that whilst they had indeed thrown money at our public services, they were not doing a good enough job at getting value for money. However, I thought to myself that that competence would come with another turn in government, so I gave them my vote. I was wrong.

In 2005 I was regretting voting Labour in 2001, but like a good working class boy from Barnsley, I decided to give them one more chance. I soon realised that I had been a complete idiot. I'm sure that a great many of those people who voted labour in 2005 were also giving them "one last chance". Labour never did learn how to manage the money they were throwing around like confetti. Not only that, but since Gordon Brown took over there has been a growing incompetence across all parts of the government. You can add to that the dithering, sleaze, spin and outright lies about the state of our economic future. Now only the most ardent lefties are willing to give Labour yet another chance.

The problems for Labour cannot be fixed between now and the General Election. Many have already given them their last chance. But most importantly, Labour can no longer buy our votes with promises of massive public spending. Gordon Brown tried to keep that lie alive with his "Labour investment vs Tory cuts", but he was the only one who believed such rubbish. The pot is empty. In fact if it gets much worse, we may have to borrow money to repair the cracks appearing in the pot. So the people are looking for a government to get us out of the mess we are in - Labour have proved themselves to be financially incompetent - and they have no more expensive bribes to buy our votes.

The Conservatives got the country out of the mess left by the Labour government of the 1970's, and the country will hope they can do so again. I'll be voting Tory come the Election - how about you?


Anonymous said...

They also broke a manifesto promise to exempt pubs and clubs from the smoking ban. Even the SNP cannot be believed yet where is the protests from MSPs.

Chris said...

Unfortunately this is a recurring problem, the Labour party are using the line about the hard hearted Conservative Party because of the cuts in the 1980's but that was because the Labour party bankrupted the country in the 70's and the same thing is going to happen again now.
I can see all this recurring in about ten years time.
Margaret Thatcher got it right when she said "The trouble with socialists is they eventually run out of other peoples money".

Stonemason. said...

I've never lost faith, DC has my vote, I just hope he keeps faith with his promise to push government away from central government to local people. It is the single most important issue for myself, cuts and taxes are big unknowns until after the election, honesty and democracy are the two words I need to hear from DC.

Daily Referendum said...


I think you and Margaret are both spot on.

Daily Referendum said...


I trust David Cameron. I think that trustworthiness will win the Election.

Anonymous said...

You tell us frankly that greed motivated you to vote labour on three occasions. That is greed with the attraction of having someone else pay for all those benefits you hoped to enjoy. This is the same motivation that drives all the have-nots to vote socialist and this is the reason why democracy must fail. Read "The Death of Democracy" by Hans Hoppe. Just common sense really.
Labour plans for this by unrelenting expansion of the state until the state can abolish democracy in favour of a few well chosen focus groups.

Daily Referendum said...


I've worked the whole of my life. Sixteen years of that in the Royal Navy. The greed I talked of was wanting money not spent on me, but on public services.

Maria said...

Used to be a Labour voter myself, Steve, as a good, working class girl from Cambridge (a very slummy bit of Cambridge I hail from - not a part you ever see on telly, it doesn't fit "the Cambridge image" at all). I see where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

D.R. we have to get away from this working class = labour BullS.... It is the ultimate spin.

Labour DO NOT help the working man. They keep him down and present the Tories as the barrier to change when it is in fact them. They keep people on benefits and destroy aspiration.

Education has lifted many people from the bread line and yet this lot have brought us the student loan company (despite how many of them benefitting from grants?) and instead of raising the bar to improve education they have lowered it so the working man doesn't even have to aim high - again no aspiration.

They have allowed manufacturing and farming to be put to the sword under unduly onerous red tape and anti competitive measures whilst allowing the middle class financial sector to explode (and look at the bloody mess!).

In summary I am glad you are on board but with respect the politics of envy and spite or basic naievity held you far too long.

For the record I was born and bred on a council estate in the west midlands. I know what it feels like to be one of the kids in the free school meal queue and to be clothed in hand me downs.

If 'we' have ANY message to get across it is that Labour keep the working man where they want them. Why do union leaders earn as much as investment bankers? Why do useless (never had a real job) idiots go into the Labour Party and emerge millionaires?

They are absolute scum. The worst to be hit will be the generation who have been entirely schooled by these traitors. So many have no hope it makes me weep. They have nothing to lose and never will have. Next time you hear of a savage knife crime just ask what hope the attacker had of doing anything. Not an excuse but puts things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Labour will lose the next election. With their individual reputations in tatters after the expenses fiasco, rising unemployment, rising cost of living, pensions crises, violent crime rising, NHS in decline and the financial mess, all the Labour MPs will do is make a token of wanting to win, but really want out, with their lump sums and pensions. And really, wouldnt anyone else in the same position. Mandelson is hoping for a top job in Europe, with Blair and Brown will also find a senior position somewhere. But in the past, both Blair and Thatcher ran away asap, and most of these Labour MPs want to do likewise with their ill gotten gains. They certainly are counting the days to leaving, not staying on.