Friday, 19 March 2010

Conservatives ask Gordon Brown to stand up to his Unite paymasters.

Commenting on the news that talks aimed at averting a strike at BA have collapsed, Shadow Transport Secretary, Theresa Villiers said:
"Labour's union paymasters at Unite are determined to inflict travel misery on thousands of families. It is disgraceful that they are going ahead with this unnecessary strike.

“Gordon Brown should do all he can to urge Unite – who are funding his general election campaign – to call off the strike. Or he should stop taking their money.

“Britain now faces Labour’s Spring of discontent with militant unions threatening to bring our railways to a standstill as well. Strike action could leave the country facing a serious transport meltdown.”
Just like the last time we had a Labour government - They left the country skint and in the grip of the Unions. Why do we keep falling for socialism?


Norton Folgate said...

Why would Brown stand up to Unite, they have him bought and paid for.

Daily Referendum said...

NF, There is no chance, but asking does point out how twisted our government has become.