Friday, 19 March 2010

Gosport General Election 2010 - Why Vote Conservative?

Gosport General Election 2010 - Why Vote Conservative?

"Take a long hard look at the Conservative Party". That's one of the slogans being used by the Labour Party on the run up to the General Election. And I couldn't agree more, I (an ex-Labour voter) took a long hard look and I liked what I discovered. I hope that you will do the same. I could make this post an epic - comparing the Conservatives the the Labour party - but I think all that is necessary is to cover my opinion of Labour is this: Labour governments are excellent at throwing money at problems, but they are worse than incompetent when it comes to managing what the money has been spent on.

So instead of a comparison I'm going to tell you what a Conservative government has to offer (and it is not free laptops I'm afraid).

Here is a clipping from a newspaper advertisement by the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for South Ribble, Lorraine Fullbrook:

These are the kind of measures that I, a working man with family to raise and a mortgage to pay, want to see. Added to that, I believe that the Conservatives are the only major party with a chance of winning the election that will protect this country from further EU integration. They are also going in the right direction on the matter of English Votes on English Laws - a subject that is close to the hearts of many Conservative party members.

The Conservatives stand for a smaller, less costly government. Less bureaucracy and interference into our lives - giving us back some of the responsibility that has been taken away from us. Conservatives stand for transparency in government so that we can see how they are going to spend our money. They stand for protecting the NHS budget - even when they will be trying to reduce the massive amount of debt left by the current government. Conservatives believe that the welfare state is there to pick you up when you fall, not support you for life if you can't be bothered to work. They believe marriage should not be penalised by the tax system - and that strong families lead to a stronger society. I could go on and on, but I will leave the rest up to you.

Please take a long hard look at the Conservative Party. I believe they are the party to make this country Great again.

If you have the time, here is a video of David Cameron taking questions from members of the public:

Watch live streaming video from conservatives at


Bill Ross said...

Whilst trumpeting the appetising virtues of the Conservative crusade, let us never forget that the best and most alluring party is always in opposition. I'm not trying to swing your views Steve, just merely suggesting that there are distillations other than one's finely honed views. It's easy to become blinkered. But, what do I know? I don't know at this stage how I'll vote. I'm one of those who decides when the pen is in one hand and the ballot paper in the other. Strange, in the days you were voting labour, I was voting (Maggie) tory.

Daily Referendum said...


I've been following politics in quite some depth over the last few years and I'm certain that we must do everything possible to get rid of this corrupt and incompetent Labour government.

I believe the Tories have the right ideas to get us back on track. Whether they can come up with the goods is yet to be seen, but we do desperately need a change.

Bob Without A Job. said...

Thank you for all that information.

The problem with the Conservatives, (and all of the BigBad3 for that matter), is that none of them seem to want to push for reform when it comes to pay and expenses.

This is a big problem, as this issue is very much at the heart of the election for a lot of people. Including me. I want to see reform in this area. I want to see MPs that are on the same level as the electorate. Most of all, I want to see MPs act with a little more honesty, selflessness and openness.

I will be voting for an Independent candidate as I do not see that any of the main three parties have any of these either of these qualities.

Unknown said...


There's this really good political movement call the jury team who have really good policies on expenses and MPs pay. (

Conservative policy is to cut MPs pay by 5% and they continue to be vague about expenses policy.

Daily Referendum said...

William and Sarah,

The Conservatives have taken the lead on sorting out the expenses system since the scandal broke.

Here are just a few of their pledges:

- They have insisted that MPs’ expenses are published online.

- A Conservative government will introduce a power of ‘recall’ to allow electors to kick out MPs, a power that will be triggered by proven wrongdoing.

- They will introduce a Parliamentary Privilege Act to make clear that the rules of parliamentary privilege cannot be abused by MPs to evade justice.

- A Conservative government will ensure that ex-ministers are banned from lobbying government for two years after leaving office.

- They will seek an agreed long term settlement that would introduce an across-the-board cap on donations as part of a comprehensive package of reform.

- They will cut the pay of Ministers by five per cent and freeze it for the rest of the Parliament, and cut the number of MPs by ten per cent.

- They were the first political party to propose that MPs should move away from the generous final-salary pension system they currently enjoy.

You can find out more here:

isle of man luxury villa said...

If they have English votes for English laws.
Can they have non london voters for non london laws.
As London gets power over its own affairs, and over the UK that the rest of the UK does not have?
Such as over the head of the most powerful police force in the UK is.