Friday, 12 March 2010

SHOCKER! Labour's biggest backer Unite to Strike - Gordon Brown says nothing.

Commenting on the decision by Labour’s biggest financial backer, the Unite union, to hold strikes at BA later this month, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond said:
“These strikes will cause misery for millions of travellers but the Government is looking the other way. Maybe it’s because Gordon Brown’s spin doctor is channelling millions from the striking union into Labour’s election coffers. Once again, the Prime Minister is putting his own narrow political interests of above those of the British people.”
The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman this morning refused to condemn the strikes:
"The Prime Minister would not want to comment on individual strikes. We hope a negotiated settlement is reached so that people do not have to go on strike. The Prime Minister has good relations with all the unions."
That's nice.


Mulligan said...

Dromey was pitiful on Sky News this morning banging on and on about the nasty Supermarkets, and of course pinning the blame for this strike entirely on BA. If he truly was the best candidate for his safe seat the rest of them must have been utterly and completely useless.

Daily Referendum said...

Now, now Mulligan, you know very well that Jack won that all woman shortlist fair and square :-)