Wednesday, 5 May 2010

General Election 2010 - The 4th Leaders' debate Rap battle

I was sent this by Dan Bull this morning, it's a great little spoof of the Leaders' debates done in Rap:


James Higham said...

Well, it all happens tomorrow, Steve.

dating north wales said...

You have not made any posts since the coalition was formed are you happy about the coalition.
Do you feel it gives too much power away, or that it is better to have power.

Anonymous said...

A Tory in bed with a lib dim - oh yeah !

Now I ask you - how could that ever happen to a conservative.

21 seats taken away by UKIP and Cameron wasted no time showing his true colours - which some of us saw all along.

Must be bad news to talk with such authority and be shown up to be politicall naive.