Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gordon Brown also talks with a forked tongue. 10p tax.

Gordon Brown apparently has admitted to making a mistake over the abolition of the 10p tax rate. He said that he: "didn't cover as well as we should have" those who lost out, and that he was "learning".

Let us be perfectly clear on this; he made no mistake - he knew exactly what he was doing. And the only "learning" that Brown is doing, is to learn that he has gone too far this time. He's a man who believes that he has the power to do anything, and sod the little people. Like Jack Straw's apology, this one from Brown is an outright lie. This is the truth, either: he is so incompetent that he can't set tax levels without realising he is putting the less well off in an even worse situation (not likely), or he knew exactly what he was doing and thought he would get away with it (more likely).

What a git.


Anonymous said...

How can this idiot still claim to be "learning"? He's been in politics for decades, been the Chancellor for over a decade, and now been PM for almost a year.

Anonymous said...

And it's not just the 10 p tax band that affects people. I'm on a very low income and I'm, basically not "STRUGGLING" to make ends meet, I am "NOT" making ends meet. Why? The cost of living!! And I don't even own a car!! I don’t drink much just 3 glasses of the cheapest Lidl wine per week (thank you Lidl at least one supermarket’s got the right idea – albeit German). I don’t smoke and I don’t bet – ever.
Things are so bad, that I have to borrow money to live. Now I have to sell my house to make more money, to pay the loans back and survive. My business is not doing well, simply because no one else has any money to pay for my already low priced services. I'd be better off living in sheltered accommodation and becoming a male prostitute.
When I get the first chance I'm leaving this god forsaken, miserable country, for a better quality of life in a country where education is TOP priority and is indeed, the best in Europe. (it seems to be the lowest priority here) Transport infrastructure is heavily subsidised, Food is cheaper and far better quality than the rubbish sold in the supermarkets here, streets are spotlessly clean, unlike our chewing gum ridden country, There's a free NHS equivalent and it's heaps better than here, The people of the country I’m leaving for are infinitely more family orientated, with well behaved children, again unlike the UK. And the sun shines nearly all year round! With the sun shining so regularly, I can take back the hard earned cash that I would have spent here on heating bills (now £350 per month) and go out and enjoy myself at restaurants or other venues, something I can't do here, because I plainly can't afford it!!! As a result I have become a couch potato and put on weight. (1 stone over)

I give nearly all my earnings over to utility bills, tax (not just income tax, vat as well) insurances, transportation and my mortgage. The very little I have left is spent on food, health and cleaning products, which I am battling to get as cheap as possible. To do this I am now buying poorer quality products in both food and cleaning. This will over time have a detrimental affect on my health and I will become a bigger burden on the state as a result – perhaps, politicians, you are so unintelligent, that you can’t work out where this country’s going. It’s going to the dogs. The poorer you make this massive population of ours, the more people will rely on the state for their financial needs and the more broke the government and local authorities will get.

I STRONGLY DO NOT BELIEVE that inflation is at 2.5% THIS IS UTTER RUBBISH AND LIES OF THE FIRST ORDER…. It’s more likely to be around 12%!! Oil, petrol and diesel are now rising almost on a daily basis!!! Something you see in third world countries. A BIG BLACK MARKET in fuel is looming…. In fact, if the cost of living gets too high – which I have no doubt it will and people are at breaking point there will be anarchy…. And I will be the first to support it!!! What would make politicians sit up and think, is if the whole country went on a general strike…. Something I would highly recommend and will be publicising big time. I am more than happy, through strike to bring this government and all local authorities and come to that, any government to its knees, for their piss poor ways of leading this country. Watch me…. I’m not the only one. My Girlfriend is now being absent from work at least 4 days a month, because she cant afford the fuel for her car to go to work – She’s a teacher on a teacher's salary!! That affects our already poor education system!!! She has to use the saved money on car fuel for her heating bills which have shot from £175 per month to £240 per month in just 3 months!!! With prices increasing as they are, she can expect to be absent for up to 7 days a month. There is no alternative transport for her to get to work. The infrequent and very expensive bus services (fares have just gone up again thanks to fuel increases) don’t run for her to be able to get to work on time and would anyway be too expensive (£14 return for 28 miles of journey per day).

Here is a list of things that have to happen URGENTLY to get this country back on its feet.
1. Oil, petrol and diesel must fall in price by 25%. Yes I said 25%!!
2. Electricity and gas and coal must fall in price by 40%. Yes I said 40%!!
3. Food and sundry prices must fall by 20%.
4. VAT must be reduced to 15% for at least 10 years.
5. Transportation should be subsidised as in all other European countries.
6. The population must be reduced by 10% partly by introducing birth control
And partly by returning non EU immigrants to their home countries.

The people of this country are fools for allowing government, local authorities and large organisations, to walk over them like dirt, just so they can profit obscenely. Stand up for your rights and show them whose boss.

A very dissatisfied member of the population.

Anonymous said...

I started work at 15 and took 4 years out for bringing up my children. I returned to work (full time)and retired at 58 to enjoy my final salary scheme pension. I am now 60and that pension has been reduced by £2,700 pa. and now this month I have just had a further £60 pm reduction. I have never claimed a penny from the government in all my working life and this latest fiasco "10p" tax has been a kick in the teeth. On reflection, I should have had lots of children, not worked, never struggled to buy a house, opted for a council property, claimed every conceivable benefit I could. The government has a lot to answer for as we are breeding a lot of "spongers". My mother and father would turn in their graves if they were alive today.