Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Thursday's elections - How the day will be won. (local and Mayor).

It's the evening before the day we have been waiting for. Tomorrow could be make or break time for Gordon Brown. Iain Dale is predicting the Conservatives will gain more than a hundred seats in the local elections and that Boris will win by 3-5%. On Boris I agree - on the local elections I disagree: I am expecting a total and utter demolition job of Labour. Every single person I have talked to is supremely incredibly exceedingly hacked browned p*ssed off with Gordon Brown and his incompetent Cabinet. I have total confidence that tomorrow will bring a crushing defeat that Labour will not be able recover from for many, many years.

There are two possible outcomes following tomorrows results:

As I have been predicting since last year, the Labour party will get rid of Gordon Brown in an attempt to save their own necks.

Or, David Cameron will be in a position to call for the vote of no confidence in the government that many have been calling for.

So my prediction: Boris to win. And a slaughter in the local elections.

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Anonymous said...

Depends how you define 'slaughter'! The Conservatives did so well at the last round of the council elections that big gains have become less likely, but it should all still be doom and gloom for the boys in Red.