Saturday, 10 May 2008

Lisbon Treaty referendum poll. Gordon Brown.

With all the other trouble Gordon Brown is having at the moment, the Lisbon Treaty is not getting much coverage. A referendum should be our number one priority - anything that Gordon Brown has done will fade into insignificance when compared to what an all powerful EU will do.
Is Gordon Brown refusing to allow a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because:
A) The Lisbon Treaty does not constitute a constitutional change.
B) We will vote NO.
C) Manifesto promises mean nothing to the listening Prime Minister.
D) Ratifying the Lisbon Treaty will give even more power to Europe's political elite.
E) He thinks that we the little people are too thick to understand the Treaty.
F) He dreams of a socialist Super-State.
G) B,C,D,E and F free polls

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