Sunday, 11 May 2008

Labour still have Abrahams £630,000 Donorgate cash.

It's six months since Labour's dodgy donations from David Abrahams (via third parties) came to light. At the time of "donor gate", Gordon Brown promised that the money would be returned. According to the Daily Mail - It hasn't. The money is sitting in a non-interest making (escrow) account five months after Scotland Yard told the Labour party that: "the donated money was no longer an issue for the police".

Tory frontbencher Chris Grayling said:

"This was clearly another attempt by Labour to bury bad news. "It is extraordinary that Gordon Brown could make such a clear promise about repaying the money and then do nothing while quietly hoping no one noticed. He just keeps on treating the British people as fools."
A Labour Party spokesman said:

"The investigation has not been concluded and the Electoral Commission has not made a judgment. The escrow account holder will take instruction from the police, the courts or the Electoral Commission to determine the rightful ownership of the funds and who the money should be sent to."
Surely given the circumstances surrounding these donations, labour would be keen to return them? Couldn't they have gone to the courts or the Electoral Commission to ask if the money could be released? Or is it that given the state of Labour's finances, they were hoping to keep the money? They can't be that desperate - can they?

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