Friday, 2 May 2008

Local and London Mayor Election - The morning after.

11:11 Oh what a night! Time to catch up with the news. I'll keep you updated as the results come in.

11:14 Lets hope Boris can put the icing on the cake. Counting began at 0830 and is expected to take up to 12 hours.

11:23 Labour lose Brookmeadow to Tories.

11:25 Conservatives hold on to Hale.

11:26 102 of 159 councils have officially declared. Seats so far: CON +152, LAB -166 and LIB +8.

11:37 Conservatives take hold of Bury Council.

11:46 From the BBC:
The last time Labour did this badly in a local election, the Beatles were in the charts and Flower Power was all the rage.

11:49 Labour battered in South Shields.

12:03 Con +166, LAB - 182, LIB +14.

Shropshire Star - No hiding place for Labour.

12:17 The Spectator -
The Tories have friends in the north.

12:29 Conservatives have won the
Maidstone local elections after 25 years of a hung council.

Western Morning News - Labour suffered a heavy defeat in Plymouth this morning, losing five early seats to the controlling Tory Party.

12:45 Con +177, LAB - 242, LIB +19.

12:57 From Guido -
Maguire's Tyne Turns Blue - this brought on a big smile.

13:00 Con +191, LAB - 272, LIB +30.

13:21 Labour loses
four Welsh councils.

13:47 Gordon Brown
under pressure after nightmare in local elections.

13:55 The Conservatives have smashed through the 200 seat barrier - Con +212, LAB - 291, LIB +32.

14:00 Looks like
my prediction is coming true.

14:05 Some good news for Labour:
Labour retakes Slough Borough Council


14:38 Conservatives have
gained overall control of Cheshire West and Chester.

14:49 From the
Daily Mail: Jacqui Smith today topped a list of Labour MPs facing defeat at the next election in the wake of the town hall results.

14:50 Con +235, LAB - 358, LIB +42.

Yorkshire Post - Labour misery in heartland Yorkshire

BBC - With 27% of votes counted in each of the 14 electoral areas Boris has the lead in 9 while Ken Livingstone is ahead in five.

15:29 Con +241, LAB - 362, LIB +40.

15:34 Labour party in Blyth hammered in elections.

15:58 Labour suffers in elections across Northumberland.

16:12 Tories hail 'Tony Blair moment' for Cameron.

16:15 Tory party has taken another seat winning the Greenford Broadway by-election.

16:28 Labour has lost overall control of Reading Borough Council but remains the party with the most councillors.

16:30 BIG JUMP - Con +278, LAB - 382, LIB +32.

16:56 The Spectator - Boris has got it.

17:10 Derek Wyatt, Labour MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey - "We have to clear out the crap in the cabinet. If he (Gordon) does not do that, to be honest we are not going to recover. He has until the conference season and if he is still 24 per cent down in the polls, the party will have to take some pretty brave decisions. The party is pretty stressed. It took a long time for Gordon Brown to say sorry for the 10p tax decision. I am a Labour man who believes in helping poorer people. If we do that once more, we will have had it."

17:27 With just two councils left to declare the BBC have it like this: Con +252, LAB - 310, LIB +30. However SKY have it like this: Con +294, LAB - 395, LIB +30. Who's right?

18:30 Iain Dale has answered the question of why the BBC and SKY have different results. I had a feeling that SKY were including the new Unitary Authority seats.

18:33 The BBC are saying all the local election votes are in. This could be the final result: Con +256, LAB - 331, LIB +34. A truly terrible day for Labour. In my opinion they deserved every single slap in the face - and more. I'll keep you up to date with SKY's final count which seems to include the Unitary Authority seats.

Well done to James Cleverly for winning Bexley with a 75,000 majority!

21:35 It looks to be pretty much over. Boris has almost certainly won and Labour have been demolished. Just like I predicted.


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Daily Referendum said...

Just about Heather.

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I've always liked your blog but as the only person who has the sense to make the posts run naturally down the page (obvious innit?) you have won much more respect.

Keep up your good work.


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