Friday, 30 May 2008

Reader Poll, how often should the Mystery Bus roll out?

The Magical Mystery Blog Tour Bus is approaching its one hundredth trip. With that in mind I thought I'd get your opinion on the tour frequency:
How often should the Magical Mystery Blog Tour Bus roll out?
once per week.
Twice per week.
Daily. free polls


Prodicus said...

And thank you for doing them.

Daily Referendum said...


Cheers mate.

ScotsToryB said...

My opinion(which does, of course, influence the the whole interwebbyblogosphericalnet) is that you have introduced me to a few new blogs - thanks - and lots I already subscribe to: no surprise there then.

Most times I like it, I do look at what they are(dontcha just love them retro buttons?) but I understand where you are going with this.

So, do it fortnightly, randomly or when the fancy takes you. If you are bored with it....move on.

Either way I'll still be looking in.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a fantastic idea, and I think it really shows the value of persistance in blogging. Different when the whole world and its mother-in-law are doing blog roundups.

Personally, I'd leave it at two per week - because I think that daily would be too onerous (it would for me). Your mileage may vary.

One possible change might be to put a titl="title" attribute on each link so readers get a tooltip - but perhaps that goes against the "mystery" aspect.

In any changes, I'd do pre and post monitoring using the "top links" facility on the MyBlogLog service. That should give a feel for whether it gets more clickthroughs or not. You are probably doing that already.


Daily Referendum said...

Cheers for the comments Gents. It looks like twice a week has it.